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Welcome to our website and cycling club. Club membership is open to all! Whether you're a racer, recreation rider, or just starting out, the Sierra Foothills Cycling Club wants you! Get to know more about our club in our FAQ, or drop us a line from our contacts list.

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Our club's mission is to share our passion for bicycle riding through organized events, including a variety of weekly rides designed for both novice and experienced bicyclists of all ages.

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Our group bike rides traverse the beautiful foothills of the Sierras in and around the city of Auburn. For more information about our rides visit: ride info. Or, to see what rides our club currently offers, check out our ride calendar. Join us to explore the area while having fun, getting fit, and meeting fellow cyclists.

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Thursday Ride-Twin Lakes Loop Thu, Jun 17, 8:00am

Where: Meadow Vista Park, 1101 Meadow Vista Rd, Meadow Vista, CA 95722, USA (map)

Hello all you Thursday riders, this week we're going to do the twin Lakes Loop around Combi and Lake of the Pines.  It's going to be warm, so we'll limit our regroup stop at Higgins Corner Starbucks to 15 minutes.


Date: June 17th
Time: 8:00am
Where: Meadow Vista Park
Route Summary: 25 miles, 1,700 feet of climbing

I'll bring twelve route sheets, but feel free to print out your own.

Hope to see you there!


Twin Lakes Loop From MV - 25.0 miles
0.2      Keep Left
0.2      Right -- Meadow Vista Road
0.3      Right -- Placer Hills Road
1.8      Right -- Pinewood Way
2.0      Right -- Bancroft Road
3.2      Right -- Christian Valley Road
5.4      Left -- Stanley Drive
7.2      Right -- Stanley-Emma Lane connector
7.3      Left -- Winding Way
8.7      Right -- Grass Valley Highway, CA 49
12.1    Right -- Combie Road
12.2    Regroup - Coffee Break @ Starbucks
17.9    Right -- Dog Bar Road
19.5    Right -- Placer Hills Road
24.7    Right -- Meadow Vista Road
24.8    Left --   Into Park
24.9    Done

Special Ride-Baker Pass Thu, Jun 17, 9:00am

Where: Squaw Valley Park, 101 Squaw Valley Rd, Olympic Valley, CA 96146, USA (map)

Why: Because it's there and triple digit temps are forecast in the foothills for later this week so.... escape to Shangri-la.

What: Ride from Squaw Valley to Barker Pass and Ward Valley- 40 miles with 3000 ft of elevation. For those we want more then add a 3 mile climb to Alpine Meadows for an additional 800 ft.

When: Thursday June 17 @ 9:00AM

Route: Squaw/BarkerPass/Ward Valley (#35984147)

Squaw/BarkerPass/Ward Valley

40.6 mi, +3056 ft. Bike ride in Placer County, CA

Where: Start from the Squaw Valley Park near the pickle ball courts at the intersection of Hwy 89 and Squaw Valley Road.

This is a fun pace adventure ride- regroups but no sweep. Bring your own navigation aids. Anyone who brings a windbreaker or long fingered gloves will be thrown into the river.

Fast Friday-FF to Beals Pt Fri, Jun 18, 8:00am

Where: Flower Farm Cafe, 9280 Horseshoe Bar Rd, Loomis, CA 95650, USA (map)

Hello SFCC and Friends,

  This Friday the 18th we will be starting at 8 am at the Flower Farm. It looks like a hot day so bring plenty of water. 
  We may break up into a few groups according to effort levels. 
  There will be a sign-in sheet for all.
  30.3 miles with just 1,610 feet of climbing. 
  This course avoids Auburn Folsom Road due to road work.
   If there are any other challenges regarding road work that you are aware of, please email me in time and I will make the needed adjustments to the course.
   I will bring Cue Sheets as well.
   See you Friday.

Folsom Lake and Back

Folsom Lake and Back - 30.4 miles
0.1      Left -- Horseshoe Bar Rd
2.1      Left -- Val Verde Rd
3.9      Val Verde Rd becomes Wells Ave
5.4      Left -- Barton Rd
7.6      Left to stay on Barton Rd
9.5      Left -- Macduff Dr
9.9      Left -- Oak Leaf Way
10.8    Left -- Oak Hill Dr
10.8    Cont -- Beals Point
11.4    Cont -- Oak Hill Dr
12.3    Right -- Barton Rd
15.1    Right to stay on Barton Rd
16.0    Right -- Del Oro Rd
16.4    Left -- Bella Vista Dr
16.5    Right -- Cavitt Stallman Rd
17.6    Left -- Laird Rd
18.9    Left -- Wells Ave
20.1    Right -- Barton Rd
20.5    Right -- Rutherford Canyon Rd
21.9    Left -- Laird Rd
23.2    Cont -- Brace Rd
24.4    Right -- Sierra College Blvd
24.5    Right -- Taylor Rd
25.7    Right -- King Rd
27.2    Right -- Val Verde Rd
28.2    Left -- Horseshoe Bar Rd
30.3    Right Flower Farm

Second Saturday Enduro-Yuba Pass Sat, Jun 19, 8:00am

Where: Junction of Hwys 49/89, Sierraville CA (map)

Please join me next Saturday for a 68 miler out of Sierraville (actually Calpine). The route is a big counterclockwise loop that hopefully avoids much of the afternoon south winds by going north through the valley in the morning. (If the forecast changes to north winds, I will reverse the direction and redraw the map.)

Date: June 19th
Time: 8:00am (sorry for the early start but it is going to be hot )
Where: Calpine Park, Calpine Avenue, Calpine
Route Summary: 68 miles, 4500 feet of climb

To get to Calpine Park from Truckee, take exit 188B Hwy 89 north towards Sierraville. Turn left and proceed approximately 24 miles to Sierraville. Turn left at the T intersection onto Hwy 49/89. In three miles, stay to the right to proceed on Hwy 89. In another three miles, turn left onto Calpine Road, then continue on County Rd and the park will be on your left. Google Maps says it will take me about 1:45 to get to Calpine Park. Please carpool if at all possible!

Because this is an Enduro ride, there will be no sweep but I won't leave Calpine until everyone is accounted for. I will have a few route sheets, but you are welcome to print out your own.

Sierra Valley, Gold Lakes Rd, Yuba Pass - 68.1 miles
0.1      Left -- Calpine Ave
0.2      Right -- CA-89 S
3.3      Left -- CA-49 S/​CA-89 S
4.2      Left -- Westside Rd
13.4    Cont -- Beckwourth Calpine Rd
19.6    Left -- Feather River Highway, CA 70
21.2    Left -- Rocky Point Road
23.5    Left -- Bikepath
24.3    Continue -- E Riverside Ave
24.4    Left -- S Gulling St
24.8    REST STOP at park on Left then u-turn
25.1    Left -- Commercial St
25.2    Left -- Pacific St
25.3    Right -- 1st Ave/​Western Pacific Way (no sign)
25.4    Left -- Main St
25.5    Right -- 3rd Ave
25.5    Cont -- Portola McLears Rd/A15
33.2    Right -- CA 89
34.6    HEADS UP: Right into River's Edge RV Park (Water)
36.4    Left -- Gold Lake Road, CR 519, NFH 24
51.8    Left into Bassetts (immediately before Hwy 49)
51.8    Left -- CA 49
64.8    Left -- CA-89 N
67.9    Left -- Calpine Ave
68.0    Cont straight -- County Rd
68.1    Done...let there be cake!

Saturday Spintacular-Loomis to Beals Point Sat, Jun 19, 8:00am

Where: Loomis Basin Community Park (South), 3550 Ong Pl, Loomis, CA 95650, USA (map)

When:  Saturday,  June 19
Pedals down: 7:30 am
Where:  Loomis Basin Regional Park South entrance, 3550 Ong Place, Loomis
Route:  24 miles, 1200’ climb  

Greetings cycling friends:

Due to the heat wave, I am moving the start time to 0730 and proposing meeting for milkshakes at Taylor’s 3636 Taylor Road, afterword.  Be sure and come well hydrated and bring 2 bottles of water.

NOTE  START TIME 7:30 am at Loomis Basin Regional Park

Please join me for a Spintacular Saturday casually-paced ride from Loomis to Beals Point.  It’s supposed to be hot so don’t forget the ice cubes in your water bottle.  Restrooms at start and at Beals Point.
The route sheet is below.  Please bring a hard copy if you need it.  I will bring a few extras.  No rider left behind; I will sweep.

COVID is still around so please stay home if you’re not well.   Please take the recommended precautions.

Coffee & conversation after at Bru, 3565 Taylor Road, Loomis.

Hope to see you there,

Katherine Thompson


Loomis to Beals Point - 23.9 miles
0.1      Left -- Ong Pl
0.2      Right -- King Rd
0.7      Right -- Val Verde Rd
1.7      Right -- Horseshoe Bar Rd
3.1      Left -- Laird Rd
6.4      Right -- Cavitt Stallman Rd
7.9      Left -- Barton Rd
8.9      Left to stay on Barton Rd
10.7    Left -- Macduff Dr
11.1    Left -- Oak Leaf Way
12.0    Left -- Oak Hill Dr
12.1    Cont -- Beals Point 
12.6    U turn (regroup/restrooms)
13.0    Cont -- Oak Hill Dr
14.0    Right -- Barton Rd
16.5    Right -- Carolinda Dr
16.8    Left -- Reba Dr
17.4    Right -- Barton Rd
21.4    Right -- Brace Rd
21.5    Left -- Horseshoe Bar Rd
21.6    Left to stay on Horseshoe Bar Rd
22.5    Right -- Taylor Rd
22.8    Right -- King Rd
23.7    Right -- Ong Place (Park)
23.9    Right — Parking lot
Coffee after at Bru, 3565 Taylor Road

Father's Daze-Scenic Cemetery Stroll Sun, Jun 20, 8:00am

Where: Griffith Quarry Park & Museum, 7504 Rock Springs Rd, Penryn, CA 95663, USA (map)

Recovery Ride from the Sat Enduro ride.

Scenic Cemetery Stroll

43.3 miles

1851 ft of climbing

8am start at Griffith Quarry

Tuesday Ride - C's the Day Tue, Jun 22, 8:00am

Where: Newcastle Park and Ride (map)

The weather is getting cooler, so come out and ride a fun 23 miler before it get's hot again.  The ride starts from Newcastle Park & Ride at 8 am.  So come out and C"s The Day with 1386" feet of climbing and much fun for all.  See you all in the am on Tuesday.   

Dave Hays 

Wed. Ride- Dog Bar-Brewer-Wolf Creek Wed, Jun 23, 8:00am

Where: Meadow Vista Park, 1101 Meadow Vista Rd, Meadow Vista, CA 95722, USA (map)

Join me for a ride on Wednesday June 23 @ 8:00AM from Meadow Vista Park.  The weather forecast is predicting somewhat cooler temps and light winds.

Lollipop route: Dog Bar to Wolf Creek and back to Meadow Vista- 31 miles and 2800 ft of descent.

Merrill Furlow

Thursday Ride Thu, Jun 24, 8:00am

Where: Railhead Park, 175 Pacific Ave, Auburn, CA 95603, USA (map)

No drop, casual paced rides with multiple regroups. Because of our foothill setting the rides are rolling to hilly, and have between 1000 to 2000 ft of climbing in each ride. If you've been riding in the flats and want to experience the foothills, this will be a good ride to join. Because of the climbing, I do not consider these beginner rides. We meet afterward for coffee and chatter.

Fast Friday Fri, Jun 25, 8:00am

Where: Flower Farm Cafe, 9280 Horseshoe Bar Rd, Loomis, CA 95650, USA (map)

Fast pace training ride starting at Flower Farm Cafe at Auburn Folsom and Horseshoe Bar Rd. Approximately 30 miles. Average speed 18-20 mph.

Saturday Spintacular Sat, Jun 26, 8:00am

Where: Flower Farm Cafe, 9280 Horseshoe Bar Rd, Loomis, CA 95650, USA (map)

Casual paced 20+ mile ride around the Loomis Basin, leaving from the Flower Farm Café.Periodic regroups. Ride is swept.

Sundaze Sun, Jun 27, 8:00am

Where: Various (map)

Our Sunday rides are at least 40 miles in length, giving moderate level riders the chance to ride a little further than our average distance. You'll find some rides that are flattish and some that are killer hilly. The average pace of the Sunday rides varies hugely based on the distance and the amount of climb. The start location of this ride varies weekly, so check the calendar.

Tuesday Ride Tue, Jun 29, 8:00am

Where: Newcastle Park and Ride (map)

Tuesday rides are variable, depending on who leads and who shows up. Generally, the climbing is kept under 2000 feet (usually even less), and the distance is 18-25 miles. Often times, there are no regroups due to the short distances offered. This ride's start location currently starts at the Newcastle Park & Ride

Wednesday Ride Wed, Jun 30, 8:00am

Where: Various (map)

Wednesday rides are the most aggressive rides of the week (26-40 miles) and are fairly hilly. Currently, this ride usually starts out of Meadow Vista Park in Meadow Vista. However, always check the calendar for a different start location.


What was the worst part of riding during Covid?
No official club rides or events
No socializing at coffee shops, etc. after rides
Avoiding spitting, coughing, sneezing, close talking, etc.
Fear of contracting Covid from other riders
Masking up when stopping at stores
No ride sharing to the start of rides
Nothing...didn't bother me at all
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Russ H

Annual Barbara Crowell and
Russ Hofeling Memorial Ride

Where: Meadow Vista Park, 1101 Meadow Vista Road, (map)
Date: Sunday, July 17, 2021
Time: 8:00am - Long Ride, 9:30am - Short Ride

Join SFCC in honoring founding member Barbra Crowell who was tragically killed riding on Foresthill Road in 2014 and our friend Russ Hofeling who was killed this year while cycling.

We will also be dedicating the bench SFCC has installed in the park in Memory of Barbara.

Long ride - 8:00: - Ride With GPS Route # , 42 miles
Short Ride - 9:30: - Ride With GPS Route # , 22 miles

Potluck and BBQ:  12:00-1:30 pm.  Please bring an appetizer, salad/side, or sweets/desserts.  SFCC will provide the burgers and drinks and Placer  County Search and Rescue will be grilling the burgers.  (Please note:  No alcohol or glass containers are allowed at this event under the terms of our contract. )

In memory of Barbara and Russ, SFCC will be collecting  contributions for Placer County Search and Rescue

How can I contribute?  Cash or check contributions to Placer County Search and Rescue, in memory of Barbara and Russ, can be made at the event or mailed to SFCC, PO Box 3173, Auburn, CA 95604.  Make your check out to Placer County Search and Rescue. 

Placer County Search and Rescue Is a volunteer, non-profit that relies solely on donations and support from the community for its continued operations.  Your contributions go toward items such as equipment, maintenance and training. 

Please RSVP (register) if you be attending the ride and/or BBQ. RSVP's have been sent out via club email.


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