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Welcome to our website and cycling club. Club membership is open to all! Whether you're a racer, recreation rider, or just starting out, the Sierra Foothills Cycling Club wants you! Get to know more about our club in our FAQ, or drop us a line from our contacts list.

Our Mission

Our club's mission is to share our passion for bicycle riding through organized events, including a variety of weekly rides designed for both novice and experienced bicyclists of all ages.

Our Rides

Our group bike rides traverse the beautiful foothills of the Sierras in and around the city of Auburn. For more information about our rides visit: ride info. Or, to see what rides our club currently offers, check out our ride calendar. Join us to explore the area while having fun, getting fit, and meeting fellow cyclists.

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SFCC club rides have resumed

Please note Covid-19 is still with us and we expect riders to follow county safety guidelines during the pandemic. Do not ride if you have Covid symptoms such as fever, brain fog, cough or loss of taste or smell in the last 24 hours.

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Tuesday Ride - Vista Cielo Tue, Apr 6, 8:30am

Where: Newcastle Park and Ride (map)

This Tuesday's ride starts at the Newcastle Park&Ride at 8:30am.    The route includes the Butler Rollers, Rattlesnake Bar, the fun climb up Vista Amado, and the harrowing descent on Happy Hollow Ln (good brakes needed).  The weather should be great.  Powerhouse Rd should be passable.

20.8 Miles, 1814 ft. of climbing

See you there,


Vista Cielo - 20.8 miles
0.2      Left -- Old State Hwy
0.6      Left -- Taylor Rd
1.6      Right -- Callison Rd
2.9      Right -- Clark Tunnel Rd
3.2      Left -- Gold Rush Way
3.8      Right -- Butler Rd
6.0      Right -- English Colony Way
6.3      Left -- Humphrey Rd
7.0      Right to stay on Humphrey Rd
8.5      Left -- King Rd
10.3    Left -- Penryn Rd
10.7    Right -- Boulder Creek Rd
10.8    Right to stay on Boulder Creek Rd
11.7    Right -- Aspen Dr
12.2    Right -- Rock Springs Rd
13.1    Left -- Brennans Rd
13.1    Right -- Rock Springs Rd
14.4    Left -- Auburn Folsom Rd
14.6    Right -- Newcastle Rd
15.6    Left -- Rattlesnake Rd
17.2    Left -- Shirland Tract Rd
17.2    Left -- Auburn Folsom Rd
17.5    Right -- Powerhouse Rd
17.7    Right -- Vista Cielo Dr
18.4    Vista Cielo Dr turns  Left and becomes 
            Vista Amado Ct
18.7    Left   as you approach summit
18.9    Cont -- Happy Hollow Ln
19.3    Right -- Powerhouse Rd
20.3    Right -- Newcastle Rd

Wednesday Ride-Iowa Hill Bridge Wed, Apr 7, 8:30am

Where: Meadow Vista Park, 1101 Meadow Vista Rd, Meadow Vista, CA 95722, USA (map)

Ride Name: Iowa Hill Bridge/Bear River Campground
Date: April 7, 202
Time: 8:30
Where: Meadow Vista Park, Meadow Vista, CA

- Terrain: hilly    Pace: casual
- Long Ride: 30 miles   3387 ft. climbing

Bathrooms at bridge on Iowa Hill and rest stop at Colfax depot

Thursday Ride-Christian Valley, Applegate Thu, Apr 8, 8:30am

Where: Meadow Vista Park, 1101 Meadow Vista Rd, Meadow Vista, CA 95722, USA (map)

Ride Name: Christian Valley, Applegate Loop
Date: 04/08/2021
Time: 8:30
Where: Meadow Vista Park, Meadow Vista, CA

- Terrain: rolling    Pace: casual
- Short Ride: 19 miles   1697 ft. climbing

Casual Thursday Ride

Please join me 8:30, Thursday, April 8 for a casually paced 19.5 mile ride from Meadow Vista Park out thru Christian Valley. We'll return via Applegate and Crother Road, with just 1697' of climbing. I'll bring some route sheets but you may want to print your own. I hope you can join me Thursday.        

MV Thursday Christian Valley, Applegate - 19.5 miles

0.1      Right -- Meadow Vista Rd
0.2      Right -- Placer Hills Rd
1.7      Right -- Pinewood Way
1.8      Left to stay on Pinewood Way
1.9      Right -- Bancroft Rd
3.1      Right -- Christian Valley Rd
4.3      Left -- Gregg Way
4.6      Right -- Allen Dr
4.9      Left -- Gayle Ln
5.9      Left -- Stanley Dr
6.4      Left -- Kimo Way
6.7      Right -- Kenneth Way
7.0      Left -- Virginia Dr
7.3      Right -- Moss Rock Dr
8.3      Right -- Blue Grass Dr
8.6      Left -- Dry Creek Rd
11.5    Cont -- Lake Arthur Rd
13.0    Right -- Placer Hills Rd
13.1    Left -- Applegate Rd
15.8    Left -- Crother Rd
16.1    Right to stay on Crother Rd
17.3    Left -- Placer Hills Rd
19.3    Right -- Meadow Vista Rd
19.4    Left -- Meadow Vista Park
   Leader Cell:  530-320-7811

Please note Covid-19 is still with us and we expect riders to follow county safety guidelines during the pandemic. Do not ride if you have Covid symptoms such as a high temperature, brain fog, cough or loss of taste or smell in the last 24 hours.  Note, that not everyone has had a vaccine as yet, so we need to continue with an abundance of caution, wear masks, if you feel a need, during any of our gathering sessions.  As mentioned, I will have hand sanitizer available, will wipe down the pens, and ride route sheets are available to be printed in advance.   Lets work to maintain social distancing in the parking lot, before, and after rides, and during any breaks.  Try to ride with as much space between riders as possible.  Thanks, and be safe……SFCC

Fast Friday-Spring is here! Fri, Apr 9, 8:30am

Where: Flower Farm Cafe, 9280 Horseshoe Bar Rd, Loomis, CA 95650, USA (map)

 Start Time: 8:30 am at the Flower Farm. Friday, April 9th

  It looks like great Spring Weather. I have a 32.4-mile course with 2,351 feet of climbing. 

  Often we break up into 2 or more groups depending on your effort level.

  Coffee, juice, etc. after the ride at the Flower Farm. 

Spring Ride 32.4 Miles with 2351 feet of climbing 
The first ten are flat then it gets a little hilly at times. 
A little bit of a shortcut would be a right on Delmar Ave at 10.9 miles taking away the Sierra College Climb. 

Spring Ride

Spring Ride - 31.9 miles
0.0      Right -- Horseshoe Bar Rd
0.1      Right -- Auburn Folsom Rd
1.4      Right -- Dick Cook Rd
2.9      Left -- Val Verde Rd
3.7      Val Verde Rd turns slightly Right and becomes Wells Ave
5.2      Right -- Barton Rd
7.1      Left -- Brace Rd
8.2      Right -- Sierra College Blvd
12.4    Right -- English Colony Way
15.2    Left -- Clark Tunnel Rd
16.2    Left to stay on Clark Tunnel Rd
18.1    Right to stay on Clark Tunnel Rd
18.8    Left -- Callison Rd
20.1    Left -- Taylor Rd
21.1    Right -- Old State Hwy
21.4    Right -- Newcastle Rd
22.2    Left -- Powerhouse Rd
24.0    Left -- Auburn Folsom Rd
24.4    Right -- Shirland Tract Rd
24.4    Right -- Rattlesnake Rd
25.9    Right -- Newcastle Rd
28.3    Left -- Brennans Rd
30.7    Left -- King Rd
30.8    Right -- Auburn Folsom Rd
31.8    Right -- Horseshoe Bar Rd

Spring Ride - 32.5 miles
0.0      Right -- Horseshoe Bar Rd
0.1      Right -- Auburn Folsom Rd
1.4      Right -- Dick Cook Rd
2.9      Left -- Val Verde Rd
3.7      Val Verde Rd turns slightly Right and becomes Wells Ave
5.2      Right -- Barton Rd
5.6      Make a U-turn at Rutherford Canyon Rd
5.9      Make a U-turn
7.7      Left -- Brace Rd
8.8      Right -- Sierra College Blvd
12.9    Right -- English Colony Way Brief Group up
15.8    Left -- Clark Tunnel Rd
16.8    Left to stay on Clark Tunnel Rd Top Brief Group up
18.7    Right to stay on Clark Tunnel Rd
19.4    Left -- Callison Rd
20.7    Left -- Taylor Rd
21.7    Right -- Old State Hwy
22.0    Right -- Newcastle Rd
22.8    Left -- Powerhouse Rd
24.6    Left -- Auburn Folsom Rd
25.0    Right -- Shirland Tract Rd Brief Group up
25.0    Right -- Rattlesnake Rd
26.5    Right -- Newcastle Rd
28.8    Left -- Brennans Rd
31.3    Left -- King Rd
31.4    Right -- Auburn Folsom Rd
32.4    Right -- Horseshoe Bar Rd

Saturday Spintacular Sat, Apr 10, 8:30am

Where: Flower Farm Cafe, 9280 Horseshoe Bar Rd, Loomis, CA 95650, USA (map)

The Saturday morning SFCC club ride is intended to be one of the easier club rides of the week for the less experienced rider, but once rolling, the group usually breaks into smaller groups varying from casual to paceline fast. I will be the sweep at the back and ride at the pace of the most mellow rider and assist as needed. Other than the Flower Farm Cafe, there are no restrooms, water or snacks along the route.


Non-members are always welcome, but will need to sign a waiver before going on the ride. Helmets are absolutely required, and safety lights & cell phone are recommended. Bring a spare tube and a pump/inflator just in case.


Please print out your own route sheet, but I will have a few if you forget. Arrive early since we roll at 8:30 after a brief discussion.


Saturday’s route: Relaxed and Laird Back  24.2 miles, 1,084’ of climbing


  • Park in the gravel lots in the back of the Flower Farm at 9280 Horseshoe Bar Rd, at Auburn-Folsom Rd,
  • Sign-in and sign-out on the club list and have a route sheet,
  • Be considerate of the wonderful venue we enjoy at no cost,
  • Support our great host with some purchases at the café, and throw a buck or two into the tip jar,
  • Observe all traffic laws (i.e. stop signs, signaling, etc.)
  • Be courteous to other traffic and pedestrians,
  • Quickly get into single file when traffic is present, and point out hazards to riders behind you,


COVID PRECAUTIONS (even if you have been vaccinated) We are still in a pandemic!

  • Social distance when stopped or at the coffee hour,
  • Do not ride if you have any COVID symptoms or have been in contact with anyone with active COVID,
  • Follow the county’s COVID precautions,
  • Sanitize your hands after handling the sign-in/out pen & route sheets (I will provide limited hand sanitizer),
  • Cover your mouth if you suddenly sneeze as a courtesy to riders behind or next to you,
  • Go to the back of the group if you need to spit or blow your nose,
  • Do not share water bottles or food outside of your bubble.

Sundaze-Not so Scotts Flat Sun, Apr 11, 9:00am

Where: Paulettes, 875 Sutton Way, Grass Valley, CA (map)

Ride Name: Scott Flat Lake, Mystic Mine, Penn Valle
Date: 4/11/2021
Time: 9:00am
Where: Paulettes, 875 Sutton Way, Grass Valley, CA

- Terrain: hilly    Pace: moderate
- Long Ride: 53 miles   4700 ft. climbing

East to Scott Flat Lake, west and down to NC, across Mystic Mine, down to Penn Valley, then back up Bitney Springs and Newtown. Very hilly!

Tuesday Ride Tue, Apr 13, 8:30am

Where: Newcastle Park and Ride (map)

Tuesday rides are variable, depending on who leads and who shows up. Generally, the climbing is kept under 2000 feet (usually even less), and the distance is 18-25 miles. Often times, there are no regroups due to the short distances offered. This ride's start location currently starts at the Newcastle Park & Ride

Wednesday Ride Wed, Apr 14, 8:30am

Where: Various (map)

Wednesday rides are the most aggressive rides of the week (26-40 miles) and are fairly hilly. Currently, this ride usually starts out of Meadow Vista Park in Meadow Vista. However, always check the calendar for a different start location.

Thursday Ride Thu, Apr 15, 8:30am

Where: Meadow Vista Park, 1101 Meadow Vista Rd, Meadow Vista, CA 95722, USA (map)

No drop, casual paced rides with multiple regroups. Because of our foothill setting the rides are rolling to hilly, and have between 1000 to 2000 ft of climbing in each ride. If you've been riding in the flats and want to experience the foothills, this will be a good ride to join. Because of the climbing, I do not consider these beginner rides. We meet afterward for coffee and chatter.

Fast Friday Fri, Apr 16, 8:30am

Where: Flower Farm Cafe, 9280 Horseshoe Bar Rd, Loomis, CA 95650, USA (map)

Fast pace training ride starting at Flower Farm Cafe at Auburn Folsom and Horseshoe Bar Rd. Approximately 30 miles. Average speed 18-20 mph.

Saturday Spintacular Sat, Apr 17, 8:30am

Where: Flower Farm Cafe, 9280 Horseshoe Bar Rd, Loomis, CA 95650, USA (map)

Casual paced 20+ mile ride around the Loomis Basin, leaving from the Flower Farm Café.Periodic regroups. Ride is swept.

Second Saturday Enduro-Devil Mountain Sat, Apr 17, 9:00am

Where: Diablo Vista Park 1000 Tassajara Ranch Rd (map)

We are welcoming back the Enduro rides ( 2nd Saturday of the month but due to unforeseen circumstances it will be the 3rd Saturday in April)  Good news is that the rides are back.

 More details will follow.

 Date: Saturday April 17th

Start Time: 9am

Start Location: Diablo Vista Park  1000 Tassajara Ranch Rd.

Route:   Mt. Diablo Morgan Territory

64.7 miles  6531 ft. of climbing

Sundaze Sun, Apr 18, 8:30am

Where: Various (map)

Our Sunday rides are at least 40 miles in length, giving moderate level riders the chance to ride a little further than our average distance. You'll find some rides that are flattish and some that are killer hilly. The average pace of the Sunday rides varies hugely based on the distance and the amount of climb. The start location of this ride varies weekly, so check the calendar.



A Special Thanks to our Supporters

A-Town Bikes Victory Velo Bicycle Emporium


Festival of Lights

When: Monday, June 7th   to  Friday, June 11th (4 nights)

Members...Summer Camp will be in Mt. Shasta City this coming year! We will be based at the Mt. Shasta KOA The facility has RV camping (both full hookups and water/elec sites), tent camping, and kamping kabins. The closest motel to the KOA (2 blocks away) is the Cold Creek Inn.

Plan on three days of cycling and at least one hike. Our hilly cycling routes will be mostly the Mt. Shasta Super Century 135 miler spread across three days. Somewhat flatter routes also available. The hike is TBD.

Click here for a sneak preview of the routes under consideration. There is no need to RSVP at this mid May I'll ask for your RSVP (and will keep track a different way).

And of course there is much more to do in Mt. Shasta than ride a bike, and I'll also be detailing some of those activities in future emails.

Mark your calendars, make your reservations, and stay tuned!

Kathy Welch, Summer Camp Coordinator SFCC
contact Kathy at:

SFCC 10th Anniversary Kit is now
Open for Orders


The order window is once again open for you to order the new SFCC jersey, jacket, shorts, arm warmers, etc. This is the special 10th anniversary kit already being worn by many members of the club.

The Voler link for ordering is:

You will have until April 19th to place your order for a May 28th ship date. The good news is that you’ll receive your order in time for Summer Camp in Mt. Shasta City. If you’re interested in lighter weight fabrics, here's your opportunity to order items such as the Velocity Ascent Jersey, perfect for hot conditions (climbing/summer), sun protector sleeves and/or a sleeveless jersey. All orders will be sent to you, so no need to schedule a pick up.

If you have any questions regarding fit, etc., contact Linda and John Elgart at: You can also contact Voler directly for sizing questions at 800-644-4002.

road id

Road iD is offering SFCC members a special 20% discount on each order placed through April 27th. Please consider ordering a Road iD as it lists vital emergency contact information. You can place your order at The coupon code can be entered during the checkout process. Check out the testimonials on the website.

Discount Coupon Code: SFCYCLING20

More questions? Contact Yvonne Cooke at

Click here for large images of complete kit.


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