Honey Run + Table Mtn from Oroville -- 67.4 miles
0.0      Cont straight -- Garden Dr
0.5      Left -- Table Mountain Blvd
5.3      Right -- Coal Canyon Rd
8.5      Left to stay on Coal Canyon Rd
8.5      Cont -- Wheelock Rd
10.5    Left -- Durham-Pentz Rd
17.6    Cont -- Durham-Dayton Hwy
18.2    Right -- Oroville-Chico Hwy
23.0    Right -- Chico-Durham Bike Path
25.4    Right toward E Park Ave
25.4    Right -- E Park Ave
25.9    Cont -- Skyway Rd
26.4    Left -- Notre Dame Blvd
26.4    Right towards Starbucks REST STOP
26.5    Right -- Notre Dame Blvd
27.3    Right -- E 20th St
28.3    Right -- bike trail
29.2    Left to stay on trail
29.4    Cont -- Honey Run Rd
39.2    Right -- Skyway
39.2    Left -- Birch St
39.5    Right -- Black Olive Dr
39.5    REST STOP at park
39.5    Left -- Pearson Rd
42.7    Right -- Pentz Rd
47.5    Left -- Lime Saddle Rd
48.0    Cont -- Nelson Bar Boat Ramp Rd
49.1    REST STOP at campground (water/bathrooms)
49.9    Left -- Nelson Bar Boat Ramp Rd
50.1    Cont -- Lime Saddle Rd
50.6    Left -- Pentz Rd
53.1    Left -- CA-70 E
53.6    Right -- Cherokee Rd
65.7    Right -- Table Mountain Blvd
66.9    Left -- Garden Dr
67.4    Cont into parking lot at Thermalito Forebay
   Leader Cell:  

Tips for a Successful Enduro
1. Study the route.  Have it either on your cycling computer, a printed version or both.  You are responsible for navigating yourself around the course.

2. Evaluate whether you are in proper physical and mental shape for a challenging ride.  Determine whether the weather suits you, the length of the ride, the amount of climbing, etc. 
3. Buddy up.  Not only will you have more fun, but should anything occur, it will be safer.

4. Make sure you sign in at the start of the ride.

5. Important: Write down your emergency contact on the sign-in sheet.

6. Sign out after your ride.  The ride leader will stay at the ride finish until everyone is accounted for.  Be courteous of their time.

7. While the ride leader has done everything in their power to make your ride successful, you are responsible for your success or your failure.  The ride leader cannot control the weather, whether or not there is cell service if you get lost or ill, or if you have misjudged your ability to complete the ride.

8. If you have any questions prior to the ride that could help you make a more informed decision about the ride, contact the ride leader.

9. Be prepared with your own water and food.

10. Be sure your bicycle is well-maintained for this ride.   

11.Plan on no/few amenities