Climb the Bean-stalk -- 29.3 miles
0.0      Head northeast on Taylor Rd toward Rock Springs Rd
2.9      Left at Ophir Rd
2.9      Cont -- Ridge Rd
5.5      Right to stay on Ridge Rd
6.4      Right at Gold Hill Rd
7.2      Gold Hill Rd turns slightly Right and becomes Chili Hill Rd
12.2    Take the 1st Right to stay on Bald Hill Rd
12.4    Right at Mt Vernon Rd
12.5    Take the 1st Left -- Harris Rd
13.1    Right at Bean Rd
13.6    Right at Kemper Rd
14.3    Left at Drive-In Way
14.5    Take the 1st Left -- Atwood Rd
16.9    Left to stay on Mt Vernon Rd
17.6    Take the 1st Left -- Baxter Grade Rd
17.8    Right to stay on Baxter Grade Rd
17.9    Take the 1st Left to stay on Baxter Grade Rd
22.9    Take the 1st Right -- Lozanos Rd
23.4    Left at Bald Hill Rd
23.5    Take the 1st Right -- Lozanos Rd
24.4    Right at Ophir Rd
25.1    Left at CA-193 W/Old State Hwy
25.2    Left at Old State Hwy
25.4    Left at Newcastle Rd
26.9    Right at Gilardi Rd
28.7    Take the 1st Right -- Rock Springs Rd
29.2    Take the 1st Left -- Taylor Rd
   Leader Cell: