BY-LAWS of the Sierra Foothills Cycling Club

  1. Club Fiscal Year
    The Club fiscal year shall begin on July 1st and end on following June 30.

  2. Meetings
    1. A business meeting shall be held a minimum of four times per fiscal year or as the Executive Board determines. Dates and times of the business meeting will be announced in advance to the general membership.
    2. A general meeting for the purpose of providing information, education, or other activity shall be conducted as the Executive Board determines.
    3. Club Rides will be arranged by the Ride Director in cooperation with members acting as Ride Leaders.
    4. The order of club business meetings will follow parliamentary or standard business practice.
    5. Non-members are welcome at any club meeting or ride.

  3. Dues
  4. Annual dues will be $20.00 per year for individuals and may be adjusted annually by the Board members. Each membership is valid for 12 months beginning in the month the member joins. A member's annual dues must be paid 30 days prior to membership expiration.

  5. Duties of Officers
    In addition to the functions indicated in the Constitution, officers shall have the specific duties as outlined below:

    1. The President, Vice President and Treasurer may sign all checks disbursing Club funds.
    2. The Treasurer shall: 1) deposit all funds in the name of the Club at government insured financial institutions, and 2) present reports of financial conditions and operations at business meetings.
    3. The Secretary will be responsible for capturing the board minutes, verifying its accuracy with the Board members and distributing to all club members on a timely basis.
    4. The Ride Director will coordinate the Ride Leader activities of those members that volunteer to lead planned and published club  rides and ensure that sufficient Ride Leaders are recruited and trained to cover club ride activities throughout the year
    5. The Webmaster Director will maintain the Club’s general website.
    6. The Membership Director shall be responsible to process new and renewal applications, collect, and forward dues to the Treasurer, mail membership materials and other information to members.
    7. The Bicycle Advocacy and Safety Director shall work with appropriate governmental agencies and private organizations to advocate for improvements in roadways, infrastructure, laws, regulations and public awareness necessary to enhance cycling safety. 

  6. Appointed Committee Directors and Chairpersons
    Committee positions can include but are not limited to the following functions:

    1. Education Chair: Who shall be responsible for the administration of a program that offers CLUB members cycling knowledge, skills, and safety.
    2. Merchandise Chair: Who shall be responsible to set up purchases for club attire, etc.

  7. Special Committees
  8. The Executive Board will establish, as needed, special or standing committees to support the Club’s activities.

  9. Budgeting and Expenditure of Funds
  10. The Executive Board will be responsible for the budgeting and expenditure of club funds. The Club will not provide financial support for a member's personal cycling activities, social events, or other competitive endeavors.

  11. Safe Bicycling Practices
  12. Any Club member may contact the Executive Board and inform them of issues/concerns about another Club member or a Ride Leader consistently violating the "rules of the road".  The Board shall then look into the matter and if determining that there is an ongoing issue/concern, the Board may take action such as verbally discussing the issues with the Club member and may suspend/revoke the membership if warranted and in accordance with SFCC Constitution, Article 4:  Membership Termination.

    Riding practices required by the Sierra Foothills Cycling Club include but are not limited to the following:

    1. Hard shell ANSI approved (or equivalent) cycling helmets must be worn by members and guests on all club rides.
    2. Members shall obey all of the rules of the road and ride in a safe, courteous manner which reflects positively on Sierra Foothills Cycling Club within the community. Ride leaders may, at any time, request a member or guest not participate in a club ride if the ride leader determines the safety of the participant, member, guest or others may be in any jeopardy.
    3. Members shall maintain their bicycling equipment in safe and serviceable condition.

  13. By-Law Amendment
  14. These By-Laws may be amended by adding a new section or revised by changing a current section by a simple majority of those present a Board Meeting.

  15. Adoption of By-Laws
  16. These By-Laws shall be adopted upon acceptance by a simple majority of those present a regular Board Meeting.

    Revised 12/13/2023