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Welcome to our website and cycling club. Club membership is open to all! Whether you're a racer, recreation rider, or just starting out, the Sierra Foothills Cycling Club wants you! Get to know more about our club in our FAQ, or drop us a line from our contacts list.

Our Mission

Our club's mission is to share our passion for bicycle riding through organized events, including a variety of weekly rides designed for both novice and experienced bicyclists of all ages.

Our Rides

Our group bike rides traverse the beautiful foothills of the Sierras in and around the city of Auburn. For more information about our rides visit: ride info. Join us to explore the area while having fun, getting fit, and meeting fellow cyclists.

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Wednesday - Downtown to Meadow Vista and back Wed, Sep 28, 8:30am

Where: Baked and Brewed Cafe, Auburn, CA (map)

Leader Name: Larry Merlo
E-mail: larry_merlo@yahoo.com

RWGPS: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/26644428
30.4 miles, 2597 ft. of climbing
Route Weather Conditions
Click Here to print route sheet

Ride Description and Notes:
Easy 30 miler up Mt. Vernon, thru Christian Valley, and back from Meadow Vista.  

Route Cue Sheet ---------------------------------------------
Downtown to Meadow Vista and back -- 30.4 miles
0.3      Right -- Maple St
0.4      Right -- Union St
0.5      Left -- Placer St
0.6      Right -- Nevada St
1.3      Left -- Enterprise Dr
1.5      Left -- Mt Vernon Rd
5.1      Right -- Joeger Rd
7.8      Right -- Richardson Dr
8.3      Left -- Dry Creek Rd
9.5      Left -- Blue Grass Dr
9.7      Left -- Moss Rock Dr
10.8    Left -- Virginia Dr
11.4    Right -- Stanley Dr
12.4    Right -- Christian Valley Rd
14.6    Left -- Bancroft Rd
15.8    Left -- Pinewood Way
16.0    Left -- Placer Hills Rd
19.4    Right -- Crother Rd
21.0    Right -- Applegate Rd
23.6    Right -- Placer Hills Rd
23.8    Left -- Lake Arthur Rd
25.2    Left -- Christian Valley Rd
25.3    Cont -- Bowman Rd
27.2    Left -- Undercrossing Rd
27.4    Right -- Lincoln Way
29.6    Cont -- Borland Ave
30.0    Left -- Lubeck Rd
30.0    Right -- Cherry Ave
30.2    Left -- Magnolia Ave
30.3    Cont straight -- Hillmont Ave
30.3    Right -- Orange St
30.3    Right -- Lewis St
   Leader Cell:  

Thursday - Railhead to Railhead Loop Thu, Sep 29, 8:30am

Where: Railhead Park, Auburn (map)

Leader Name: Ron Davidson
E-mail: ronaldd1947@gmail.com

RWGPS: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/41065043
19.7 miles, 1471 ft. of climbing
Route Weather Conditions

Ride Description and Notes:
  This is a casually paced ride of 19.7 miles with 1470 ft. of climbing, we will have multiple regroups, and I will sweep.  Join fellow riders for coffee and chat, following the ride.  I will have route sheets with me.  Hope to see you tomorrow morning!  Ron

Route Cue Sheet ---------------------------------------------
Railhead to Railhead Loop -- 19.7 miles
0.0      Exit Park
0.0      Left -- Pacific Avenue
0.1      Keep Right --Portland 
           continue to Maidu Drive
2.0     Left -- Falcon's Point
2.1      Right -- Snowy Owl Way
2.3      Left -- Burlin
2.4      Left -- Peregrin
2.5      Right -- Talon
2.6      Right -- Arroyo-
           at bottom of hill, turn R.
           on Arroyo, then sharp L.
           onto Crockett
3.2     Right--Andregg
3.4      Left -- Shirland Tract Road
5.0      Left -- Rattlesnake Road, regroup
           at Feedstore
6.6      Left -- Newcastle Road, continue to
           Folsom Lake, turn around, retrace route
           back to Rattlesnake
9.9.     Left- on Rattlesnake
11.0    Left -- Auburn Folsom Road
12.3    Right -- King Road
12.4    Right -- Brennans Road
14.8    Left -- Newcastle Road,
           regroup at gas station.
16.3   Right -- Indian Hill Road
18.7   Left -- Auburn Folsom Road
19.3   Right -- Sacramento Street
19.9   Right -- Pacific Avenue
20.4.  Left-- Into Railhead Park
   Leader Cell:  530-320-=3598

Friday - AllPaceFriday Fri, Sep 30, 8:45am

Where: Loomis Station 5775 Horseshoe Bar Rd, Loomis, CA 95650 (map)

Leader Name: Linda Apodaca
E-mail: lindaafpm@yahoo.com

RWGPS: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/41063699
31.5 miles, 1682 ft. of climbing
Route Weather Conditions
Click Here to print route sheet

Ride Description and Notes:
Join me this Friday for a Loomis, Rocklin, Lincoln, Newcastle Loop. Lets start about 15 minutes late at 8:45, to let the school traffic ease. 
Remember meet at the Loomis Train Station.

Ride your pace for 31 miles with 1600 ft elevation gain.   Riders ride at their own pace or form groups riding a similar pace.  No planed regroups.

Conversation after the ride across the street at Smithville Coffee and Brew.

Route Cue Sheet ---------------------------------------------
AllPaceFriday -- 31.5 miles
0.0      Left -- Webb St
0.3      Left -- King Road
1.5      Left -- Delmar Avenue
2.8      Right -- Del Rio Ct
3.1      At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit -- Americana Way
3.4      Right -- Pacific Street
4.0      Right -- Midas Avenue
5.6      Right -- Bonanza Street
5.7      Right -- Whitney Boulevard
6.1      Right -- Crest Dr
7.5      Right -- Park Dr
9.6      Right toward Orange Grv Ter
9.7      Right -- Orange Grv Ter
10.0    Right -- Nisenan Vly Dr
10.3    Right -- Ridgecrest Dr
11.0    Right -- Twelve Bridges Dr
12.0    Cont -- Stoneridge Blvd
13.1    Right -- Del Webb Blvd
13.3    Right -- Sun City Blvd
14.6    Right -- Ferrari Ranch Rd
15.0    Left -- CA-193 W
15.2    Right -- East Ave
16.0    Right -- 12th St
16.2    Cont -- Virginiatown Rd
19.7    Left -- Fowler Rd
19.7    Right -- Virginiatown Rd
21.9    Right -- Gold Hill Rd
22.6    Left -- Ridge Rd
26.1    Right -- CA-193 W/​Taylor Rd
31.5    Right
Leader Cell:  

Saturday - SFCC Flwr Farm- Newcastle 21 mi Sat, Oct 1, 8:30am

Where: Flower Farm Cafe, 9280 Horseshoe Bar Rd, Loomis, CA 95650, USA (map)

Leader Name: Katherine Thompson
E-mail: kathompson111@gmail.com

RWGPS: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/41034852
23.8 miles, 1438 ft. of climbing
Route Weather Conditions
Click Here to print route sheet

Ride Description and Notes:
Join me this Saturday, 10/1, at the Flower Farm for a perfect weather fall ride. 

It is a 21 mile ride with an option to add 2.5 miles at the end by taking Lomida to Sterling Pointe with a return on Lomida.  Ride your own pace and I will be at the back to sweep.  No one left behind.

Parking at the Flower  Farm should not be in front of the Cafe but in the gravel parking lot toward the back.  

No water or restrooms at start (Cafe is closed at start time) but service stations are on Newcastle Rd about mile 7.5.  Please plan accordingly.  Don't forget to sign in when you get there.

Join us for coffee and conversation afterwards at the Flower Farm Cafe.  A tip or purchase to thank our host is appreciated. 

Route Cue Sheet ---------------------------------------------
SFCC Flwr Farm- Newcastle 21 mi -- 23.8 miles
0.0     Right -- Horseshoe Bar Road
0.1     Left -- Auburn Folsom Road
2.4     Right -- Newcastle Road
3.5     Left -- Rattlesnake Road
5.0     Left -- Shirland Tract Road
5.1     Left -- Auburn Folsom Road
5.4     Right -- Powerhouse Road
7.2     Right -- Newcastle Road
8.0     Left -- Old State Highway
8.0     Right -- Old State Highway
8.3     Left -- Taylor Road
9.3     Right -- Callison Road
10.6   Keep Left -- Callison Road
10.7   Left -- Clark Tunnel Road
11.0   Right -- English Colony Way
11.2   Left -- Swetzer Road
11.8   Right -- Colwell Road
12.8   Left -- Humphrey Road
14.3   Left -- King Road
14.6   Right -- Webb Street
14.9   Right -- Taylor Road
14.9   Left -- Horseshoe Bar Road
15.9   Left -- Horseshoe Bar Road
17.2   Right -- Val Verde Road
18.1   Left -- Dick Cook Road
19.7   Left -- Auburn Folsom Road
20.3   Option Right -- Lo Mida Lane
21.4   Left -- Rim Rock Circle
21.9   Right -- Lake Forest Drive
23.2   Right -- Auburn Folsom Road
23.7   Left -- Flower Farm
   Leader Cell:  

Saturday - Mt.Diablo, Morgan Territory Sat, Oct 1, 9:00am

Where: Diablo Vista Park 1000 Tassajara Ranch Rd. (map)

E-mail: cbnocal@gmail.com

RWGPS: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/802876
64.7 miles, 6531 ft. of climbing
Route Weather Conditions

Ride Description and Notes:
64.7 miles 6531 ft of climbing

Route Cue Sheet ---------------------------------------------
Mt.Diablo, Morgan Territory -- 64.7 miles
0.0      Right toward Crow Canyon Rd
0.1      Right toward Crow Canyon Rd
0.1      Right -- Crow Canyon Rd
0.2      Cont -- Blackhawk Rd
2.7      Keep Right at the fork
3.6      Right -- Mt Diablo Scenic Blvd
4.6      Left to stay on Mt Diablo Scenic Blvd
8.3      Right to stay on Mt Diablo Scenic Blvd
9.1      Left -- S Gate Rd
10.7    Right -- Summit Rd
14.2    Left to stay on Summit Rd
14.2    Left to stay on Summit Rd
14.8    Cont straight to stay on Summit Rd
16.0    Right to stay on Summit Rd
16.0    Right to stay on Summit Rd
19.6    Cont -- N Gate Rd
20.4    Left to stay on N Gate Rd
27.5    Right -- Oak Grove Rd
27.5    At the roundabout, continue straight to stay on Oak Grove Rd
28.5    Right -- Ygnacio Valley Rd
32.6    Right -- Clayton Rd
35.1    Make a U-turn at SE Diablo View Ln
35.7    Right -- Peacock Creek Dr
35.7    Make a U-turn
35.8    Left -- Clayton Rd
36.4    Cont -- Marsh Creek Rd
39.8    Right -- Morgan Territory Rd
41.8    Left to stay on Morgan Territory Rd
52.8    Left to stay on Morgan Territory Rd
54.5    Right -- Manning Rd
55.4    Right -- Highland Rd
56.3    Left to stay on Highland Rd
60.1    Right -- Camino Tassajara
64.6    Make a U-turn at Blackhawk Rd
   Leader Cell:  

Sunday - Rollins-Dutch Flat-Drum PH-Casa Loma Sun, Oct 2, 8:30am

Where: Rollins Lake and Glen Elder Road (map)

Leader Name: Matt Dunnahoe
E-mail: mattd@teleport.com

RWGPS: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/34358102
43.0 miles, 4424 ft. of climbing
Route Weather Conditions
Click Here to print route sheet

Ride Description and Notes:

Please join me on Sunday for a ride up from
Rollins Lake to Alta, Drum Powerhouse and Casa Loma. Best to stop for coffee and
restrooms in Colfax prior to arriving at the start.

The route starts at Rollins Lake as the parking
at the historic train depot in Colfax is now limited. Short ride up Norton
toward Colfax then back down to start up the Norton Grade climb. Reach Dutch
Flat at 12 miles then out toward the powerhouse gate or turn around before the
decent. Arrive at the Alta Store around mile 25. Out/back on Casa Loma then
roll back down. 43 miles with 4,400 feet of uphill. This route includes twin
spurs to Drum Powerhouse and Casa Loma with stores available so bring a little
cash. Tall trees and trains also. This is an easy route to shorten up by
skipping portions of the spurs.

 Printed route sheets, parking, and gels
available at the start.  

Route Cue Sheet ---------------------------------------------
Rollins-Dutch Flat-Drum PH-Casa Loma -- 43.0 miles
1.1      Left -- Norton-Grade Rd
5.0      Left toward Magra Rd
5.0      Right -- Magra Rd
9.2      Right -- Gold Run Rd
9.6      Left -- Lincoln Rd
9.6      Right to stay on Lincoln Rd
11.3    Left -- Ridge Rd
11.5    Left -- Sacramento St
12.3    Right -- Stockton St
12.6    Right -- Bear River Rd/​Main St
13.8    Left -- Drum Powerhouse Rd
13.9    Left to stay on Drum Powerhouse Rd
14.7    Left -- Drum Power House Rd
24.2    Right -- Delius Rd
24.3    Cont -- Drum Power House Rd
25.0    Left -- Nary Red Rd
25.5    Right -- Alta Bonnynook Rd
25.7    Left to stay on Alta Bonnynook Rd
26.1    Left -- Casa Loma Rd
27.0    Right to stay on Casa Loma Rd
27.7    Right to stay on Casa Loma Rd
29.9    Left to stay on Casa Loma Rd
30.6    Left to stay on Casa Loma Rd
31.5    Right -- Alta Bonnynook
31.5    Cont -- Alta Bonnynook Rd
31.9    Cont -- Ridge Rd
34.0    Right -- Lincoln Rd
35.6    Left to stay on Lincoln Rd
35.6    Right -- Gold Run Rd
36.0    Left -- Magra Rd
40.2    Cont -- Rollins Lake Rd
   Leader Cell:  

Tuesday - C's the Day Tue, Oct 4, 8:30am

Where: Newcastle Park and Ride, Newcastle, CA (map)

Leader Name: Joseph Fredrickson
E-mail: joe.fred@comcast.net

RWGPS: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/5514166
22.8 miles, 1357 ft. of climbing
Route Weather Conditions

Ride Description and Notes:
Join me for a nice ride out of Newcastle. Pleasant temperatures. War stories afterwards at Newcastle Produce.

Route Cue Sheet ---------------------------------------------
C's the Day -- 22.8 miles
0.2      Left -- Old State Hwy
0.5      Left -- Taylor Rd
1.5      Right -- Callison Rd
2.9      Right -- Clark Tunnel Rd
3.2      Left -- Gold Rush Way
3.8      Right -- Butler Rd
4.2      Right -- Butler Cir
4.4      Left to stay on Butler Cir
4.6      Right -- Butler Rd
6.1      Right -- English Colony Way
6.3      Left -- Humphrey Rd
7.1      Right to stay on Humphrey Rd
8.6      Left -- King Rd
10.6    Right -- Val Verde Rd
11.9    Right -- Wayland Rd
12.7    Right -- Val Verde Rd
13.3    Left -- Dick Cook Rd
14.9    Left -- Auburn Folsom Rd
17.0    Left to stay on Auburn Folsom Rd
17.1    Right -- King Rd
17.6    Left -- Kingmont Dr
18.1    Right -- Auburn Folsom Rd
19.0    Left -- Rock Springs Rd
20.2    Right -- Brennans Rd
21.3    Left -- Newcastle Rd
   Leader Cell:  

Wednesday - Ridge & Baxter 1/18 Wed, Oct 5, 8:30am

Where: Smart and Final, Wilow Creek, Auburn (map)

Leader Name: Wanda Shiotsuka
E-mail: wshiotsuka@gmail.com

RWGPS: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/18547745
32.9 miles, 2651 ft. of climbing
Route Weather Conditions

Ride Description and Notes:
Let’s do a couple of our favorite local climbs on Wednesday, Oct. 5. We’ll start at the Smart and Final shopping center where there are bathrooms and water. No water or BR on the route. Let’s commune at Starbucks after the ride.

Route Cue Sheet ---------------------------------------------
Ridge & Baxter 1/18 -- 32.9 miles
0.1      At the traffic circle,onto 1st St
0.5      Left -- Bell Rd
1.8      Left -- Joeger Rd
2.9      Left -- Mt Vernon Rd
3.5      Right to stay on Mt Vernon Rd
4.6      Right -- Bald Hill Rd
7.2      REGROUP - Cont -- Chili Hill Rd
10.9    Right -- Gold Hill Rd
11.7    Left -- Fruitvale Rd
13.2    Left -- Fowler Rd
14.2    Left -- Virginiatown Rd
16.4    REGROUP - Right -- Gold Hill Rd
17.1    Left -- Ridge Rd
20.6    Left -- Taylor Rd
20.7    Left -- Ophir Rd
22.6    Left -- Wise Rd
27.8    REGROUP - Cont -- Baxter Grade Rd
29.9    Right -- Mt Vernon Rd
30.6    Right to stay on Mt Vernon Rd
31.2    Cont -- Atwood Rd
32.6    Left -- 1st St
32.8    At the traffic circle,Right -- Willow Creek Dr
   Leader Cell:  

Thursday Ride Thu, Oct 6, 8:30am

Where: Meadow Vista Park, 1101 Meadow Vista Road, Meadow Vista, CA (map)

No drop, casual paced rides with multiple regroups. Because of our foothill setting the rides are rolling to hilly, and have between 1000 to 2000 ft of climbing in each ride. If you've been riding in the flats and want to experience the foothills, this will be a good ride to join. Because of the climbing, I do not consider these beginner rides. We meet afterward for coffee and chatter.

All Pace Friday Fri, Oct 7, 8:30am

Where: Flower Farm Cafe, 9280 Horseshoe Bar Rd, Loomis, CA 95650, USA (map)

All pace ride.  Riders ride at their own pace or form groups riding a similar pace.  Often times, there are no regroups due to the short distances offered.  Approximately 25 miles. No sweep.  
Parking at the Flower Farm should not be in front of the Cafe but in the gravel parking lot toward the back.  
Coffee and conversation afterwards at the Flower Farm Cafe.

SFCC Annual Fall Club Picnic Sat, Oct 8, 8:30am

Where: Recreation Park, 123 Recreation Drive, Auburn, CA (map)

Leader Name: Pamela Connor
E-mail: pamela@connorwellnessclinic.com

RWGPS: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31151488
42.4 miles, 2469 ft. of climbing
Route Weather Conditions

Ride Description and Notes:

Join your club for the annual picnic on Saturday, October 8th.  Your Ride Director, Pamela Connor, has three routes to choose from:


Longest route: - ridewithgps.com/routes/31151488  please note this route has been updated since the original announcement

41.5 miles, 2,123 ft of climbing Leaving at 8:30 am Finish time 11:15-12:00

Shorter route: - Ride with GPS 24140505

31.4 miles, 1,929 ft of climbing leaving at 9:00 am Finish time 11:00-12:00

Short route:
 - Ride with GPS 24312654

18.8 miles, 1,319 ft of climbing

leaving at 10:00 am

Finish time 11:15-12:00

Please arrive about 20 minutes early to park, sign in, and get your route sheet.  As always, guests are welcome.  

After ride Potluck:   Appetizers: 11:30 am  BBQ: 1200-130 pm.  Please bring a salad, dessert,  or appetizer, or dish of your choice to share. SFCC will provide burgers and veggie burgers and sodas.  

Please RSVP by 10/5

Please note:  No alcohol or glass containers are allowed at this event under the terms of our contract.  

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Where: (map)

Our Sunday rides are at least 40 miles in length, giving moderate level riders the chance to ride a little further than our average distance. You'll find some rides that are flattish and some that are killer hilly. The average pace of the Sunday rides varies hugely based on the distance and the amount of climb. The start location of this ride varies weekly, so check the calendar.

Tuesday Ride Tue, Oct 11, 8:30am

Where: Newcastle Park and Ride, Newcastle, ca (map)

Tuesday rides are variable, depending on who leads and who shows up. The ride will breakup into a few groups.

Generally, the climbing is kept under 2000 feet (usually even less), and the distance is 20-25 miles. There are 1–2 regroups. This ride's start location currently starts at the Newcastle Park & Ride.

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A-Town Bikes Victory Velo Bicycle Emporium

Visit these Auburn bike shops and receive SFCC member discounts on merchandise.

A-town Bikes

943 Lincoln Way, Auburn

Victory Velo Bike Shop

835 Lincoln Way, Auburn

Bicycle Emporium

437 Grass Valley Hwy, Auburn

Almost Summer BBQ

Date:   Saturday, October 8, 2022
Location:   Recreation Park in Auburn (map)
Tentative Schedule:

8:30 to 10:00 - rides start
11:30 - Appetizers
12:00 - BBQ and potluck
1:30 - Cleanup and take down

Our Ride Director, Pamela Conner, has three fun routes for us:

8:30 am: 41.5 miles, 2123 feet RidewithGPS 31151488
9:00 am: 31.4 miles, 1929 feet RidewithGPS 24140505
10:00 am: 19 miles, 1319 feet RidewithGPS 24312654

Please arrive about 20 minutes early to park, sign in, and get your route sheet.

After ride potluck:  potluck

Appetizers: 11:30 am  BBQ: 1200-130 pm.  Please bring a salad, dessert,  or  appetizer, or dish of your choice to share. SFCC will provide burgers and veggie burgers and sodas.  Please RSVP by 10/5 via club email (already sent out).

Please no alcohol or glass containers allowed under the conditions of our permit.

Endure Series

The 2022 Enduro Ride Series will kick off for its third year!! What is an Enduro ride you might ask? It is a 60+ mile ride held once a month on the 2nd Saturday of each month. It is a chance for our great team of ride leaders to host their favorite long and challenging adventure rides!

Please note this is a tentative schedule as exact dates and locations may change according to weather and various conditions. Check our club calendar for times and details as we approach the ride dates.

October 1 Mt. Diablo
November 12 Levi's 2022 Medio (Adventure Ride)
December 10 Folsom Lake Loop

Questions about the series? Contact ride director Pamela Connor at rides@sfcyclists.org .


Did you know that you can get potholes repaired by Placer County simply by filling out a form in the Placer County Connect App on your smart phone? The county will also clear bike lanes blocked by overgrown vegetation and prune around "Share The Road" signs that sometimes disappear behind overgrown trees and shrubs. Hazards reported to the Placer County are a real liability for the county, so their road crews usually get them repaired within a week or two.

Click here to get the full details provided by Steve Boswell on how you can make our roads safer for you and the rest of the cycling community.