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Welcome to our website and cycling club. Club membership is open to all! Whether you're a racer, recreation rider, or just starting out, the Sierra Foothills Cycling Club wants you! Get to know more about our club in our FAQ, or drop us a line from our contacts list.

Our Mission

Our club's mission is to share our passion for bicycle riding through organized events, including a variety of weekly rides designed for both novice and experienced bicyclists of all ages.

Our Rides

Our group bike rides traverse the beautiful foothills of the Sierras in and around the city of Auburn. For more information about our rides visit: ride info. Join us to explore the area while having fun, getting fit, and meeting fellow cyclists.

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Thursday - 49 Double Cross Thu, Jun 20, 8:00am

Where: Meadow Vista Park, Meadow Vista, CA (map)

Leader Name: Carol Maynard
E-mail: nathansgranny2002@yahoo.com

RWGPS: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/3883039
23.1 miles, 1815 ft. of climbing
Route Weather Conditions
Click Here to print route sheet

Ride Description and Notes:
Let's ride out through Christian Valley to Dry Creek, across Hwy 49 and back. We'll ride at a casual pace with regroups and I'll sweep. Coffee after at the Local Cafe.

Route Cue Sheet ---------------------------------------------
49 Double Cross -- 23.1 miles
0.1      Right -- Meadow Vista Rd
0.3      Right -- Placer Hills Rd
1.8      Right -- Pinewood Way
1.8      Left to stay on Pinewood Way
     continue to Bancroft
3.2      Right -- Christian Valley Rd
5.4      Left -- Stanley Dr
6.4      Left -- Virginia Dr
7.0      Right -- Moss Rock Dr
8.1      Right -- Blue Grass Dr
8.3      Right -- Dry Creek Rd
9.5      Right -- Richardson Dr
10.2    Right -- Richardson Dr
10.8    Left -- Joeger Rd
12.4    Left -- Bell Rd
13.5    Right -- Richardson Dr
14.0    Left -- Atwood Rd
14.2    Right -- Bean Rd
14.4    Left -- Kemper Rd
15.1    Cont -- New Airport Rd
16.2    Right -- Bell Rd
17.2    Right -- Old Airport Rd
17.5    Left -- Keena Dr
18.0    Left -- Old Airport Rd
18.1    Left -- Bowman Rd
19.4    Cont -- Christian Valley Rd
19.5    Right -- Lake Arthur Rd
20.8    Left -- Pinewood Way
           Left -- Placer Hills Rd
23.3    Left -- Meadow Vista Rd
           Left into Park
   Leader Cell:  

Friday - Kathy's Valentine's Day Ride Fri, Jun 21, 8:00am

Where: Smart & Final Parking Lot, Highway 49, Auburn (map)

Leader Name: Kim Moyano
E-mail: kmoyano@verizon.net

RWGPS: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/45549496
31.1 miles, 2690 ft. of climbing
Route Weather Conditions
Click Here to print route sheet

Ride Description and Notes:
If you can't do Ed's Truckee ride, come join me for a local ride. We'll ride through Christian Valley, Meadow Vista (with a rest stop at MV Park), and N. Auburn.  I'll sweep and will be at a slower pace if any of the Easy Rollers want to join.

Following the ride, we'll have caffeine, calories, and conversation at Starbucks.

Route Cue Sheet ---------------------------------------------
Valentine's Day Ride -- 31.1 miles
0.0      Right -- Willow Creek Dr
0.2      At the traffic circle, take the 1st exit -- 1st St
0.5      Left -- Bell Rd
1.9      Right -- Joeger Rd
3.5      Right -- Richardson Dr
4.0      Left -- Dry Creek Rd
5.3      Left -- Blue Grass Dr
5.5      Left -- Moss Rock Dr
6.6      Left -- Virginia Drive
6.6      Left -- Helen Lane
7.3      Left -- Virginia Drive
7.4      Right -- Stanley Drive
8.0      Right -- Gayle Lane
8.1      Keep Left -- Gayle Lane
9.0      Right -- Allen Dr
9.3      Cont -- Gregg Way
9.6      Right -- Christian Valley Rd
10.8    Left -- Bancroft Rd
11.9    Left -- Pinewood Way
12.1    Right to stay on Pinewood Way
12.1    Left -- Placer Hills Rd
13.6    Left -- Meadow Vista Rd
13.7    Left
14.1    Right -- Meadow Vista Rd
14.2    Left -- Placer Hills Road
16.1    Keep Right -- Crother Road
17.3    Left to stay on Crother Rd
17.6    Right -- Applegate Rd
20.3    Right -- Placer Hills Rd
20.4    Left -- Lake Arthur Rd
21.9    Cont -- Dry Creek Rd
22.8    Left -- Haines Rd
23.6    Right -- Bell Rd
24.5    Right -- Old Airport Rd
25.6    Right -- New Airport Rd
25.7    Right at end of bird sanctuary REGROUP
25.8    Left -- New Airport Rd
25.8    Right -- Earhart Ave
26.3    Cont -- Locksley Ln
26.9    Right -- CA-49 N
27.3    Right into 76 Gas
27.4    Left -- Dry Creek Rd
27.9    Left -- Deer Ridge Ln
28.5    Around gate to Foothills Oaks
28.9    Left -- Joeger
29.2    Left -- Bell Rd
30.6    Right -- 1st Street
30.9    At the traffic circle, 3rd exit -- Willow Creek Dr
31.1    Left - done
   Leader Cell:  

Friday 6/21/24 Fri, Jun 21, 9:00am

Where: Truckee River Regional Park. (map)

Leader Name: Ed Keller
E-mail: edjmk3@gmail.com

RWGPS: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/47184690
42.2 miles, 4021 ft. of climbing
Route Weather Conditions

Ride Description and Notes:
An optional Friday Truckee ride. Kim has our local Friday ride. For those members who want an away ride with some climbing and cooler weather we have this Truckee ride. 42 miles with 4,000' of climbing. Coffee, pastries and good conversations post-ride. 

Start location will be the upper parking lot near the bathrooms at the Truckee River Regional Park. 

Route Cue Sheet ---------------------------------------------
Friday 6/21/24 -- 42.2 miles
0.0      Left
0.0      Right -- Brockway Road
0.5      Left -- Donner Pass Road, US 40 Historic
1.0      At roundabout, take exit 1 -- Donner Pass Road, US 40 Historic
2.5      Right -- Northwoods Boulevard
3.8      Left -- Northwoods Boulevard
4.3      Left -- Ski Slope Way
10.7    Right -- Alder Creek Road
15.3    Left -- CA 89
17.5    Right -- Hobart Mills Road, CR 886
21.7    Left -- Dog Valley Road, CR 889
21.7    Right -- Hobart Mills Road, CR 886
25.9    Left -- CA 89
28.1    Right -- Alder Creek Road
32.6    Left -- Fjord Road
32.7    Right -- Northwoods Boulevard
36.2    Right -- Northwoods Boulevard
37.6    Left -- Donner Pass Road, US 40 Historic
38.2    Right -- Truckee Bike Path
38.5    Right -- CA 89
38.6    Left -- Truckee Bike Path
38.6    Right
39.0    Right
39.1    Left -- West River Street
40.5    Cont -- East River Street
41.3    Right
41.4    Right -- Truckee River Legacy Trail
   Leader Cell:  

Saturday - SFCC Sterling Point Sat, Jun 22, 7:45am
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Where: The Flower Farm, Loomis, CA (map)

Leader Name: Jennifer Ivey
E-mail: jbivey83@gmail.com

RWGPS: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/47189441
26.1 miles, 1136 ft. of climbing
Route Weather Conditions
Click Here to print route sheet

Ride Description and Notes:
Come on out for a lovely ride this Saturday with coffee and conversation at the Flower Farm post-ride. This route goes out Aub-Fol, up Rock Springs, out to King/Val Verde. Loop on Cavitt and return via Aub-Fol with the optional loop in Sterling Point.

Please park in the back gravel lot closest to the road. There is no restroom available before the ride. 

Print or download a route sheet as I will only bring a handful of hard copies. 

Route Cue Sheet ---------------------------------------------
SFCC Sterling Point -- 26.1 miles
0.1      Right -- Horseshoe Bar Rd
0.2      Left -- Auburn Folsom Rd
2.3      Left -- Rock Springs Rd
3.6      Left -- Brennans Rd
4.9      Right on King
6.9      Left -- Val Verde Rd
8.0      Right -- Horseshoe Bar Rd
9.4      Right -- Brace Road
9.5      Left -- Barton Road
13.7    Right -- Olive Ranch Rd
15.4    Right -- Cavitt Stallman Rd
19.4    Left -- Auburn Folsom Rd
22.6    Right -- Lomida Ln
23.9    Left -- Rim Rock Cir
24.4    Right -- Lake Forest Dr
24.8    Cont -- Lomida Ln
25.5    Right -- Auburn Folsom Rd
26.0    Left in Flower Farm B&B
   Leader Cell:  

Sunday - EZ Sunday ride Sun, Jun 23, 7:30am

Where: depoe bay coffee (map)

Leader Name: Roger Cox
E-mail: rcreefhonu@gmail.com

RWGPS: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/2717530
41.2 miles, 2308 ft. of climbing
Route Weather Conditions
Click Here to print route sheet

Ride Description and Notes:
going to be a hot one tomorrow, so I'm starting at 7:30, from Depoe Bay Coffee in Auburn. 41 miles with 2300'. No route sheets. We will get this ride over with before it gets too hot

Route Cue Sheet ---------------------------------------------
EZ Sunday ride -- 41.2 miles
0.7      Left -- Auburn Folsom Rd/Sacramento St
1.9      Left -- Maidu Dr
2.0      Right -- Shirland Tract Rd
3.3      Right to stay on Shirland Tract Rd
3.8      Left to stay on Shirland Tract Rd
4.6      Left -- Rattlesnake Rd
6.2      Right -- Newcastle Rd
8.6      Left -- Gilardi Rd
10.4    Left -- Rock Springs Rd
11.7    Right -- Brennans Rd
13.0    Left -- King Rd
13.1    Right -- Auburn Folsom Rd
19.2    Right -- Joe Rodgers Rd
19.6    Right -- Itchy Acres Rd
20.5    Right -- Oak Pine Ln
21.2    Left -- Cavitt Stallman Rd
21.9    Right -- Barton Rd
23.2    Right -- Wells Ave
24.7    Left -- Val Verde Rd
27.5    Left -- King Rd
29.5    Right -- Humphrey Rd
31.0    Right -- Colwell Rd
32.0    Left -- Swetzer Rd
32.6    Right -- English Colony Way
32.9    Right -- Orange Dr
33.0    Left -- Flint Way
33.1    Right -- English Colony Way
33.5    Left -- Taylor Rd
35.6    Right -- Old State Hwy
35.9    Left -- Threlkell St
35.9    Left -- Old State Hwy
36.0    Right -- Newcastle Rd
36.1    Left -- Indian Hill Rd
38.5    Left -- Auburn Folsom Rd
39.1    Right -- Sacramento St
40.0    Right
40.3    Left -- Pleasant Ave
40.6    Right -- High St
   Leader Cell:  

Tuesday - Clos du Lac 2 Tue, Jun 25, 8:00am

Where: Newcastle Park and Ride Newcastle, CA (map)

Leader Name: David Hays
E-mail: busterdavehays@gmail.com

RWGPS: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/4001463
18.5 miles, 1127 ft. of climbing
Route Weather Conditions
Click Here to print route sheet

Ride Description and Notes:
The Tuesday ride is from the Newcastle Park & Ride, down to Loomis ,thru Clos De Lac, then back up Auburn Folsom and back to Park & Ride  It's 18 miles with a regroup & bathrooms at the end of Rim Rock Circle. 

Route Cue Sheet ---------------------------------------------
Clos du Lac 2 -- 18.5 miles
0.2      Left -- Old State Hwy
0.3      Right -- Newcastle Rd
0.7      Left -- Old State Hwy
1.0      Left -- Taylor Rd
3.7      Left -- Penryn Rd
4.1      Left
4.3      Left -- Penryn Rd
5.3      Left -- King Rd
5.5      Right -- Val Verde Rd
6.6      Left -- Horseshoe Bar Rd
7.9      Right -- Tudsbury Rd
8.2      Left to stay on Tudsbury Rd
8.7      Right -- Auburn Folsom Rd
8.8      Left -- Lomida Ln
9.5      Cont -- Lake Forest Dr
9.9      Left -- Rim Rock Cir
10.4    Right -- Lake Forest Dr
10.9    Right -- Chateaux Dr
11.1    Right -- Clos Du Lac Cir
11.7    Right
12.0    Left -- Horseshoe Bar Rd
12.8    Right -- Auburn Folsom Rd
16.1    Left -- Powerhouse Rd
17.9    Right -- Newcastle Rd
   Leader Cell:  

Wednesday Rides Wed, Jun 26, 8:00am

Where: Various (map)

Wednesday rides are the most aggressive rides of the week (26-40 miles) and are fairly hilly. Currently, this ride usually starts out of Meadow Vista Park in Meadow Vista. However, always check the calendar for a different start location.

Thursday Ride Thu, Jun 27, 8:00am

Where: Various (map)

Thursday rides are hilly, shorter, more casually paced rides (usually around 20 miles with approximately 1800 feet of climb). Ride is swept and everyone more or less stays fairly close together. There are also numerous regroups on this ride. Currently, this ride is out of Meadow Vista Park in Meadow Vista. The last Thursday of the month starts out at Railhead Park in Auburn.

The rides usually start at Meadow Vista Park.  However, check the calendar for occasional changes to the start location.

All Pace Friday Fri, Jun 28, 8:00am

Where: Flower Farm ,Loomis Train Station, Loomis Basin Park (map)

ll Pace Ride.  Riders ride at their own pace or form groups riding at a similar pace.  Often, there are no regroups due to the short distances offered.  Approximately 25 miles. No sweep.  
Parking at the Flower Farm should not be in front of the Cafe but in the gravel parking lot toward the back.  
Coffee and conversation afterward at the Flower Farm Cafe.

Alternate start locations are: Loomis Train Station and Loomis Basin Park

Saturday Spintacular Sat, Jun 29, 8:00am

Where: Various (map)

The Saturday ride meets at the Flower Farm, unless there is an event at the event center in which case we start in Loomis at the Train Station. 

There is an A group and a B group. The groups can spread out then you can ride your own pace...usually two or three groups with pairs scattered about and some single riders too. 

The ride ranges between 25-30 mi with 1k-1500k ft of climbing 

**Parking: Remember to park in the back gravel lots at the Flower Farm; not the spots along the entryway.

Sundaze Sun, Jun 30, 8:00am

Where: Various (map)

Sunday rides are at least 40 miles in length, giving moderate level riders the chance to ride a little further than our average distance. You'll find some rides that are flattish and some that are killer hilly. The average pace of the Sunday rides varies hugely based on the distance and the amount of climb. The start location of this ride varies weekly, so check the calendar.

Tuesday Ride Tue, Jul 2, 8:00am

Where: Newcastle Park and Ride Newcastle, CA (map)

Tuesday rides are variable, depending on who leads and who shows up. Generally, the climbing is kept under 2000 feet (usually even less), and the distance is 18-25 miles. Often times, there are no regroups due to the short distances offered. This ride's start location currently starts at the Newcastle Park & Ride.

Coffee and conversation afterwards at Newcastle Produce

Wednesday Rides Wed, Jul 3, 8:00am

Where: Various (map)

Wednesday rides are the most aggressive rides of the week (26-40 miles) and are fairly hilly. Currently, this ride usually starts out of Meadow Vista Park in Meadow Vista. However, always check the calendar for a different start location.

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Summer Camp 24

: Petaluma, CA
When: Thurs., July 11 through Sun., July 14

What: Four riding days and two rides per day, with different ride distances. For our working members, there will be 2 full days of riding on Saturday and Sunday. Some of the routes will be different than last year's routes. We’ll go out to the coast and some rides will have a different start location to give us more variety. 

Post-Ride Fun: There are 2 Happy Hour Socials and 1 group dinner that will take place Thursday - Saturday nights. 

We are encouraging everyone to make reservations for Summer Camp 2024.

Click here for reservations and details

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eBike Chat and Elections Meeting

Where: Victory Velo Bike Shop (map)
When: Friday, June 21st @ 6:00 pm

Join us this Friday for an informative event where Dan Tebbs, owner of VV, will be showcasing both Cervelo and Specialized eBikes. He'll also provide insights into the latest eBike technology that you won’t want to miss. In addition to the presentation, we will be holding our annual elections to decide who will lead our prestigious club for the 2024-2025 term.

Refreshments will be provided !!



Now that the sweat and exhaustion from making a triumphant May is Bike Month is behind us, sit back and enjoy this short video that captures all the excitement and grandeur reminiscent of a Tour de France spectacle. You can watch this short video on YouTube here.

Videos from the four day Spring Camp are here and can be viewed on YouTube.

Monday - Lake Davis

Tuesday - Gold Lakes Loop  

Wednesday - Big Flat Loop or Calpine Portola Loop 

Thursday - Frenchman Lake


If you missed the Truckee June "adventure ride" Enduro, you can watch it on YouTube here.



bast page

The SFCC does more than just ride around the foothills...we work to improve the riding safety and convenience for all riders in the area. Members of our club have formed a safety and advocacy team working with Placer County to improve the cycling infrastructure and ensure future development includes bicycle friendly features. Read more about our team's current projects and accomplishments and if you are interested in sharing your vision for a fun and safe cycling community.

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