CONSTITUTION of the Sierra Foothills Cycling Club

Article 1: Organization Name

Name: THE SIERRA FOOTHILLS CYCLING CLUB, referred to hereafter as the CLUB. The CLUB is a non-profit corporation under the laws of the State of California, 237106, Social and Recreational.

Article 2: 0bjectives

  1. To encourage the use of the bicycle for recreation, health and as an alternative means of transportation for all age groups.
  2. To publicize the value of bicycling for health, recreation and as a participatory and spectator sport.
  3. To furnish information and education pertaining to safe, skillful and enjoyable use of the bicycle.
  4. To advocate for favorable legislation and facilities which enhance the safety and employment of the bicycle as a transportation and recreational vehicle.
  5. To provide a social group in which individuals interested in all aspects of bicycling may participate.
  6. To organize and sponsor bicycling activities.

Article 3: General

The CLUB shall be non-partisan, non-profit and non-discriminatory as to gender, age, race, color, religion, creed, or national origin.

Article 4: Membership

The requirements for membership in the CLUB are limited to payment of annual dues.

Membership in the CLUB shall be in four categories as follows:

  1. Individual: Persons 18 years and above in age or under 18 years with consent of parent or guardian.
  2. Family: A family shall include an individual's spouse, living partner and children under 18 years of age.
  3. Charter: One of the original members when the club was founded
  4. Honorary: Such membership may be awarded to a person, generally not involved in CLUB activities or membership, who has done something outstanding and notable for the CLUB and/or any phase of cycling. Privileges and obligations referred to elsewhere in the Constitution and BY-LAWS do not apply to this membership classification, but would include recognition as deemed appropriate by the Executive Board.
    • Any member may nominate someone for this Award.
    • Such nominee must be approved by the Board.
    • The CLUB may not appoint more than one Honorary Member per calendar year.
  5. Lifetime: Such membership may be conferred by the Board on any person who has rendered extraordinary service or who has made an outstanding contribution to the CLUB or any phase of cycling. It may only be awarded to a person who is or has been active in CLUB activities and participates in CLUB affairs. This award will include all benefits, privileges and responsibilities of individual membership, but would not require any payment of dues.
    • Any member may nominate someone for this Award.
    • Such nominee must be approved by the Board.
    • The CLUB may not appoint more than one Lifetime Membership per year.

Membership benefits include listing on the club roster, potential sponsor discounts, regular notification of Club rides and other activities, opportunities to lead rides and other privileges of membership as are decided upon by the club.

CLUB membership shall terminate upon:

  1. Non-payment of CLUB dues (automatic).
  2. Member's resignation (automatic).
  3. Executive Board's determination for activities detrimental to the CLUB's interest. The member is entitled to a hearing before the Executive Board between 15 and 30 days after notice of the Executive Board's intent to terminate the individual's membership. Membership termination shall be by a unanimous determination of the Executive Board that the member's actions are detrimental to the CLUB's interests and termination will be effective immediately.

Article 5: Voting

All members are entitled to vote on all CLUB business. A member must be present to vote.

Article 6: Officers

The CLUB shall have the following officers who can be nominated by current members and elected by a majority vote of those present at the regular meeting in the month of June. The officers shall hold office for a period of one year commencing July 1st to June 30th.

  1. President:   The President shall be the chief official representative at all functions, preside at meeting of the Executive Board and General Membership, appoint committee directors, oversee committee activities, expedite CLUB business, provide leadership in accomplishing the objectives of the CLUB and perform other duties as set forth in the BY-LAWS.
  2. Vice President:   The Vice President will assist the President in liaison and other duties and shall perform duties of the President in the absence or incapacity of the President.
  3. Secretary:   The Secretary shall be responsible for the archives of the CLUB, including the recording of and maintaining minutes and records of meetings and correspondence for the club.
  4. Treasurer:   The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection, safe keeping, accounting of, reporting on and the dispersal of all CLUB funds in strict accordance with the BY-LAWS of the CLUB and rules adopted by the Executive Board and such additional duties as may be set forth in the BY-LAWS.
  5. Ride Director:   The Ride Director shall be responsible for planning and supervising organized bicycle rides and duties as may be set forth in the BY-LAWS.
  6. Membership Director: The Membership Director shall be responsible for development and maintenance of CLUB membership applications, receipt and processing of applications, maintenance of current CLUB roster and such other duties related to membership as described in the By-Laws
  7. Website Director: The CLUB's webmaster will maintain the club website.
  8. Immediate Past President:   The person who served as President most recently shall automatically serve on the Executive Board for a period of one year.

The officers listed above shall constitute the Executive Board, which shall be responsible for the day to day operations of the CLUB.

If an office becomes vacant it shall be filled by the Executive Board until the next regular election.

An officer may be considered for removal from duties for inactivity or conduct detrimental to the position or to the CLUB at the written petition of one third of the CLUB membership or by vote of five sixths of the Executive Board. The officer shall be given a 30 day notice of a hearing at the next general meeting and if a majority,(50%) of those present concur, the officer shall be removed from office at that time.

Article 7: Ad Hoc Executive Board Members

  1. Committee directors (or Chairs) as voted on by the Executive Board shall be responsible for those duties inherent in their respective committees as defined by the By-Laws or the Executive Board.              
  2. Immediate Past President:   The person who served as President most recently shall automatically serve on the Executive Board for a period of one year.

Article 8: Meetings

The Executive Board shall meet monthly or as necessary to fulfill the duties of the Board.

The CLUB shall have general business meetings monthly or as the Executive Board determines. A Special Meeting may be called at anytime the President deems needed or shall be called upon request by written petition of ten percent of the membership. The place of the meeting shall be announced in advance of each meeting. A quorum shall not be less than 25% of the members at an announced meeting.

Article 9: Amendments and Revisions

This CONSTITUTION may be amended by adding a new ARTICLE or revised by changing a current ARTICLE at any regular or special business meeting by a two thirds vote of those present provided that written advance notice of the proposed amendment or revision has been furnished the membership not less than fifteen days in advance of the meeting.

Article 10: Adoption

This CONSTITUTION shall be adopted upon acceptance by two thirds of the membership present at a regular club meeting.


Revised 11/25/2015