SFCC E-bike Policy

There are three classes of E-bikes:

  • A class 1 E-bike features a motor that provides assistance to a pedaling rider up to 20mph (in the US)
  • A class 2 E-bike is throttle operated, and the bike is propelled forward without any additional pedaling from the rider
  • A class 3 E-bike is similar to class 1, though assistance shuts off at 28mph

SFCC welcomes E-bike cyclists of types 1 and 3 as long as they follow local ordinances.

As with other mechanical bike cyclists, SFCC fosters their riders to practice good judgement, common sense and fair play while riding on club rides. It is deemed good form to ride at the pace of the others and considered poor etiquette for safety reasons to pass regular bike riders up a hill with a huge disparity in speed. It is SFCC's understanding that the E-bike may help the social rider who can't keep up with friends anymore, the rider who may be suffering through health problems, and bring new riders into cycling's tribe and strengthen the cycling community as a whole.