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DateMilesFeetRide LeaderRide NameStart Location
2023-01-0129.01338Pamela Connor2022 New Years Day Poker Ride and SocialNew Years Day Ride & Social
2023-01-0222.01660Kathy WelchMonday - Make Up Monday 1/2/23 Newcastle Park and Ride
2023-01-0322.81357Larry MerloTuesday - C's the Day Newcastle Park and Ride
2023-01-0439.12624Wanda ShiotsukaWednesday - Just BaxterGriffith Quarry Park & Museum
2023-01-0626.81825Don BaldwinFriday - Flower Farm Rattlesnake Clark Tunnel 25 Flower Farm Cafe
2023-01-0723.31003Katherine ThompsonSaturday - Spin Saturday 23 Flower Farm Cafe
2023-01-0840.63003Catherine CarbonaroCANCELLED: Sunday - Time Bandits The Flower Farm
2023-01-1023.91912Joseph FredricksonTuesday - The Baxter Factor Newcastle Park and Ride Newcastle
2023-01-1131.02019Keith HallstenCANCELLED: - No. Auburn - Lincoln OAB Smart & Final Extra
2023-01-1321.41401Catherine CarbonaroFriday - FF - Riders on the Storm Flower Farm Cafe
2023-01-1422.11231Kcoffey CoffeySaturday - Flower Farm through Newcastle loop Flower Farm Cafe
2023-01-1548.22025Kathy WelchCANCELLED: - Carbondale - Buena Vista 16795 Demartini Rd
2023-01-1723.91912Scott ThiedeTuesday - The Baxter Factor Newcastle Park and Ride Newcastle
2023-01-1832.53025Bruce WilsonWednesday - Chuck's Lollipops Holiday Market
2023-01-1918.21571Bruce WilsonThursday - Double Winchester Meadow Vista Park
2023-01-2032.51684Linda ApodacaFriday - AllPaceFriday Loomis Station 5775 Horseshoe Bar Rd
2023-01-2157.22808Linda ApodacaSaturday - CampFarWest Loomis Station 5775 Horseshoe Bar Rd
2023-01-2125.01222ALLEN CASSELSaturday - Hot Time 25 Flower Farm Cafe
2023-01-2240.92622John LoudermilkSunday - *The Baker and the Cakemaker-2C (via Mt Vernon Rd) Loomis train station
2023-01-2425.81674Larry MerloTuesday - Butler Rollers - Shirland Tract Newcastle Park and Ride
2023-01-2535.72957Merrill FurlowWednesday - Newcastle to Garden Bar End Newcastle Park and Ride
2023-01-2619.71471Thomas PietteThursday - Railhead to Railhead Loop RAILHEAD PARK
2023-01-2732.51684Linda ApodacaFriday - AllPaceFriday Loomis Station 5775 Horseshoe Bar Rd
2023-01-2825.81760Joseph FredricksonSaturday - Rock & Rattlesnake Soup Flower Farm Cafe
2023-01-2929.32473Roger CoxSunday - Climb the Bean-stalk Griffith Quarry Park
2023-01-3122.51447David HaysTuesday - Newcastle Loomis Loop Newcastle Park and Ride Newcastle
2023-02-0139.12624Wanda ShiotsukaWednesday - Just Baxter Griffith Quarry Park