Ride Leader Forms

Wanna lead a ride???  Its the most important job in our club and if you're a member, you can help. Read our Ride Leader Guidelines for additional information and if you need more help, our ride director can give you pointers for a successful ride. To lead a ride, complete the online Ride Entry Form.

Once you're ready to lead your ride, you will need to bring the following to the start:
  • Route Sheets - make enough copies so the number of riders you expect to show up will have one.
  • Ride Roster - print the ride_roster.pdf from the list below.
  • Liability Waiver Forms - print the ride_waiver.pdf AND the minors_waiver.pdf from the list below
  • Accident Report Form - print the ride_acc.pdf from the list below and keep it handy on your clipboard if needed

Ride Roster
Have members and guests sign this sheet before the ride. Page two is used if you have over 24 riders on your ride.
Liability Waiver Form
Require guests to sign the ride_waiver form. If the guest is under 18, complete the minors_waiver form.



Accident Report Forms
Complete and submit this form if an accident occurs on your ride.
Insurance Claim Forms for Accidents
Click the link to the right for inurance claim forms and general information from the League of American Bicyclists.
Claim forms link