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Welcome to our website and cycling club. Club membership is open to all! Whether you're a racer, recreation rider, or just starting out, the Sierra Foothills Cycling Club wants you! Get to know more about our club in our FAQ, or drop us a line from our contacts list.

Our Mission

Our club's mission is to share our passion for bicycle riding through organized events, including a variety of weekly rides designed for both novice and experienced bicyclists of all ages.

Our Rides

Our group bike rides traverse the beautiful foothills of the Sierras in and around the city of Auburn. For more information about our rides visit: ride info. Join us to explore the area while having fun, getting fit, and meeting fellow cyclists.

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Calendar Rides and Events

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Monday - BAST Monthly Meeting Mon, Feb 19, 4:00pm

Where: Roud Table Pizza, 370 Elm Ave, Auburn, CA (map)

Leader Name: Dana Hofheinz
E-mail: danabhof@sbcglobal.net

Ride Description and Notes:
Hello SFCC members.  Please come and participate in our next Bicycle Advocacy and Safety Team (BAST) meeting on 02/19/2024, from 4pm to 5:30 pm at Round Table Pizza, 370 Elm Avenue Auburn, CA 95603.  We will be meeting in the Party Room.

Come early and order your beverage and pizza of choice.

We have several items that we will be discussing, including an update on the Rattlesnake Bar speed bump hazards, proposed Placer Hills Rd bicycle infrastructure improvements, 2024 BAST goals, and developing a "wishlist" of bicycle infrastructure improvement projects for Placer County 2024/2025, May is Bike Month and the Placer County Active Transportation Plan.

If you have a suggestion/issue you would like to discuss with the BAST, we welcome your ideas.

Tuesday - Butler the hard way 2 Tue, Feb 20, 9:30am
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Where: Newcastle Park and Ride Newcastle, CA (map)

Leader Name: Larry Merlo
E-mail: larry_merlo@yahoo.com

RWGPS: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/45313702
25.7 miles, 1731 ft. of climbing
Route Weather Conditions
Click Here to print route sheet

Ride Description and Notes:
Likely a washout but if not... we'll start with a warm up on Indian Hill and have some bail out points along the way.  The route will include Crockett/Andregg and the short Butler Wall which can be bypassed by staying on English Colony.

Coffee at Newcastle Produce afterwards.

Route Cue Sheet ---------------------------------------------
Butler the hard way 2 -- 25.7 miles
0.1      Right -- Indian Hill Rd
2.4      Left -- Auburn Folsom Rd
2.7      Right -- Southridge Dr
2.8      Left -- Grayhorse Dr
2.9      Right -- Shirland Tract Rd
3.4      Left -- Crockett Rd
4.1      Right -- Andregg Rd
4.3      Left -- Shirland Tract Rd
6.0      Left -- Rattlesnake Rd
7.6      Right -- Newcastle Rd
9.9      Left -- Brennans Rd
12.3    Right -- King Rd
15.9    Right -- Swetzer Rd
17.6    Left -- Colwell Rd
18.6    Cont straight -- Humphrey Rd
19.4    Right -- English Colony Way
19.7    Right -- Butler Rd
21.9    Left -- Gold Rush Way
22.6    Right -- Clark Tunnel Rd
22.9    Left -- Callison Rd
24.2    Left -- Taylor Rd
25.2    Right -- Old State Hwy
25.5    Right -- Newcastle Rd
   Leader Cell:  

Easy Rollers Wed, Feb 21, 9:30am

Where: Various (map)

This a new ride to the calendar and the pace will be 12 miles/hour with a little climbing. This is to meet the needs of our members who are averaging 12-13 miles an hour and would like to ride with the group rather than off the back of the group. The intention is to keep the pace at 12 mi/hr so if this ride appeals to you and you decide to join in, we ask that you maintain this pace throughout the ride. 

Ride day, location, and route could change from week to week so always check the calendar for details. 

Wednesday - A week late Valentine's Day Ride Wed, Feb 21, 9:30am

Where: 2825 Grass Valley Hwy Auburn CA (map)

Leader Name: Merrill Furlow
E-mail: mfurlow1152@yahoo.com

RWGPS: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/45549496
31.1 miles, 2690 ft. of climbing
Route Weather Conditions
Click Here to print route sheet

Ride Description and Notes:
Please join me for a shameless ripoff of Cathy's and Kathy's Valentine's Day Ride. We'll ride through
Christian Valley, Meadow Vista (with a rest stop at MV Park), and N.
Auburn. A visit to the bird sanctuary is included!

Following the ride, we'll have caffeine, calories, and conversation at Starbucks.

Current weather forecast indicates a dry daytime. In the event the forecast changes then I'll send a cancellation by 8:00AM.

Route Cue Sheet ---------------------------------------------
Valentine's Day Ride -- 31.1 miles
0.0      Right -- Willow Creek Dr
0.2      At the traffic circle, take the 1st exit -- 1st St
0.5      Left -- Bell Rd
1.9      Right -- Joeger Rd
3.5      Right -- Richardson Dr
4.0      Left -- Dry Creek Rd
5.3      Left -- Blue Grass Dr
5.5      Left -- Moss Rock Dr
6.6      Left -- Virginia Drive
6.6      Left -- Helen Lane
7.3      Left -- Virginia Drive
7.4      Right -- Stanley Drive
8.0      Right -- Gayle Lane
8.1      Keep Left -- Gayle Lane
9.0      Right -- Allen Dr
9.3      Cont -- Gregg Way
9.6      Right -- Christian Valley Rd
10.8    Left -- Bancroft Rd
11.9    Left -- Pinewood Way
12.1    Right to stay on Pinewood Way
12.1    Left -- Placer Hills Rd
13.6    Left -- Meadow Vista Rd
13.7    Left
14.1    Right -- Meadow Vista Rd
14.2    Left -- Placer Hills Road
16.1    Keep Right -- Crother Road
17.3    Left to stay on Crother Rd
17.6    Right -- Applegate Rd
20.3    Right -- Placer Hills Rd
20.4    Left -- Lake Arthur Rd
21.9    Cont -- Dry Creek Rd
22.8    Left -- Haines Rd
23.6    Right -- Bell Rd
24.5    Right -- Old Airport Rd
25.6    Right -- New Airport Rd
25.7    Right at end of bird sanctuary REGROUP
25.8    Left -- New Airport Rd
25.8    Right -- Earhart Ave
26.3    Cont -- Locksley Ln
26.9    Right -- CA-49 N
27.3    Right into 76 Gas
27.4    Left -- Dry Creek Rd
27.9    Left -- Deer Ridge Ln
28.5    Around gate to Foothills Oaks
28.9    Left -- Joeger
29.2    Left -- Bell Rd
30.6    Right -- 1st Street
30.9    At the traffic circle, 3rd exit -- Willow Creek Dr
31.1    Left - done
   Leader Cell:  

Thursday - Sutter Buttes Clockwise Thu, Feb 22, 9:00am

Where: Sutter Park, Acacia & Butte House Rd., Sutter, CA (map)

Leader Name: Thomas Piette
E-mail: piettes@msn.com

RWGPS: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/45594670
41.1 miles, 482 ft. of climbing
Route Weather Conditions
Click Here to print route sheet

Ride Description and Notes:
Come out and ride the Almond Blossom Special!  We will ride around the Sutter Buttes, the world's smallest mountain range instead of the usual Meadow Vista Thursday ride. The fruit and nut trees should be at their peak blossom and the yellow mustard greens will provide a spectacular show. The Gray Lodge Wildlife Area just to the north may add some extra interest as well.

We will start at 9:00 AM in the small town of Sutter at the Sutter Park, 10 miles west of Yuba City at the corner of Acacia and Butte House Roads. The town of Sutter is just over an hour's drive from Auburn, carpooling encouraged.

The ride is 41 miles with only one easy pass  to climb. Most of the roads have ultra-low traffic. Rest stop, water & snacks available in the town of Live Oak at mile 28.8. Restrooms at Sutter Park are unknown, so plan ahead.

Coffee & lunch afterward at the New Earth Market at 1475 Tharpe Road at Butte House Road in Yuba City.

Route Cue Sheet ---------------------------------------------
Sutter Buttes Clockwise -- 41.1 miles
0.3      Left -- Pass Rd
8.0      Right -- West Butte Road
17.1    Right -- North Butte Road
22.6    Right -- Powell Road
28.8    Make a U-turn -- Pennington Road
Regroup, restrooms & water at Live Oak Park
29.9    Left -- Township Road
32.9    Right -- Clark Road
37.8    Cont -- Ahlf Road
40.1    Right -- Butte House Rd
41.1    Left -- Acacia Ave
   Leader Cell: Tom 

Friday - Rolling to Ridge Fri, Feb 23, 9:30am

Where: The Flower Farm, Loomis, CA (map)

Leader Name: Catherine Carbonaro
E-mail: cathy.carbo@gmail.com

RWGPS: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/45646186
29.3 miles, 2381 ft. of climbing
Route Weather Conditions
Click Here to print route sheet

Ride Description and Notes:
Come out and enjoy a rolling ride to Ridge... and then a rolling ride after Ridge.

This is an all pace ride. We will regroup at the top of Ridge. There is no sweep. Please be respectful of the Flower Farm and ONLY park in the gravel lot towards the back. 

Coffee and conversation afterwards at the Flower Farm.

Route Cue Sheet ---------------------------------------------
Rolling to Ridge -- 29.3 miles
0.0      Right -- Horseshoe Bar Road
0.1      Left -- Auburn Folsom Road
2.2      Left -- Rock Springs Road
3.5      Left -- Brennans Road
3.5      Right -- Rock Springs Road
4.8      Right -- Gilardi Road
5.4      Right -- Gilardi Road
6.6      Left -- Newcastle Road
8.0      Right -- Old State Highway
8.2      Cont -- Old State Highway
8.2      Keep Right -- Old State Highway, CA 193
8.3      Right -- Taylor Road, CA 193
8.7      Left -- Ophir Road
9.0      Left -- Lozanos Road
10.0    Cont -- Chili Hill Road
11.8    Keep Right -- Chili Hill Road
13.7    Left -- Gold Hill Road
14.4    Left -- Ridge Road
14.4    Left -- Ridge Road
15.9    Cont -- Ridge Road
18.0    Right -- Taylor Road, CA 193
18.2    Left -- Old State Highway, CA 193
18.3    Keep Left -- Old State Highway
18.5    Left -- Newcastle Road
18.7    Left -- Indian Hill Road
21.0    Right -- Auburn Folsom Road
23.0    Right -- Powerhouse Road
24.0    Left -- Powerhouse Road
24.8    Left -- Newcastle Road
25.6    Right -- Brennans Road
26.8    Left -- Brennans Road
28.1    Left -- King Road
28.2    Right -- Auburn Folsom Road
29.2    Right -- Horseshoe Bar Road
29.3    Left -- Flower Farm
   Leader Cell:  

Saturday - Chocolate Chip Cookie Sat, Feb 24, 9:30am



Leader Name: Pamela Connor
E-mail: pamela@connorwellnessclinic.com

RWGPS: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/45642315
26.9 miles, 2162 ft. of climbing
Route Weather Conditions
Click Here to print route sheet

Ride Description and Notes:

Our 1st Annual Cookie Ride is this Saturday, February 24, 2024!

And, it appears the Weather Gods are working in our favor with temperatures in the high 60s and no rain! 

Bikes, cookies, and coffee, does it get any better than this?! 

Embark on a cookie-filled adventure with not one, but TWO routes to choose from! And fear not, the journey doesn't end there—after the ride reward yourself with a sweet victory lap of homemade cookies and Starbucks coffee.  🍪☕️

You'll have the opportunity to vote for your favorite cookie. 🥇🥈🥉

We need 2 ride leaders to lead our rides. 

Start Time: 9:30 am

RSVP required. No cost. 

Start Location: Loomis Basin Park South 

We have 2 routes: 

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Shortbread Cookie

Guests: First-time guests are welcome 

Pamela Connor, Ride Director


Route Cue Sheet ---------------------------------------------
Chocolate Chip Cookie 26.9 -- 26.9 miles
0.0      Left -- Winters Road
0.1      Left -- King Road
1.6      Right -- Humphrey Road
3.9      Right -- English Colony Way
4.1      Left -- Butler Road
4.4      Cont -- Butler Road
6.3      Left -- Gold Rush Way
6.9      Right -- Clark Tunnel Rd
7.2      Left -- Callison Rd
8.6      Left -- Taylor Rd
10.2    Left -- Ridge Rd
13.7    Right -- Gold Hill Rd
14.5    Cont -- Chili Hill Rd
18.2    Cont -- Bald Hill Rd
18.2    Right -- Lozanos Rd
19.2    Right -- Ophir Rd
19.5    Right -- CA-193 W
19.8    Left to stay on CA-193 W
19.9    Left -- Old State Hwy
20.1    Left -- Newcastle Rd
21.8    Right -- Brennans Rd
24.2    Right -- King Rd
26.7    Left -- Winters Road
   Leader Cell:  

Sunday - Griffith Quarry-Baxter-Chana Park-And Back Sun, Feb 25, 9:30am

Where: Griffity Quarry (map)

Leader Name: Kristy Corah
E-mail: kristy.corah@gmail.com

RWGPS: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/45662886
47.0 miles, 3310 ft. of climbing
Route Weather Conditions

Ride Description and Notes:
47 miles/3,310 elevation

Route Cue Sheet ---------------------------------------------
Griffith Quarry-Baxter-Chana Park-And Back -- 47.0 miles
0.0      Left -- Rock Springs Road
2.6      Keep Right -- English Colony Way
3.5      Right -- Sierra College Boulevard
5.8      Right -- Lincoln Newcastle Highway, CA 193
6.9      Left -- Fowler Road
7.8      Right -- Virginiatown Road
10.0    Left -- Gold Hill Road
11.6    Right -- Wise Road
12.8    Left -- Baxter Grade Road
14.8    Right -- Mount Vernon Road
15.6    Cont -- Joeger Road
17.3    Right -- Dry Creek Road
18.1    Right into Lot, Bathroom Break
18.1    Left -- Dry Creek Road
18.9    Left -- Joeger Road
20.7    Left -- Mount Vernon Road
21.3    Right -- Mount Vernon Road
22.3    Right -- Bald Hill Road
23.9    Cont -- Crater Hill Road
24.5    Right -- Wise Road
29.3    Keep Right -- Wise Road
29.6    Left -- Wise Road
30.3    Right -- Wally Allen Road
30.8    Left -- Mount Pleasant Road, bear Left -- Crosby-Herold 33.1mi
35.3    Left -- Fruitvale Road
36.8    Right -- Fowler Road
37.8    Left -- Virginiatown Road
39.9    Right -- Gold Hill Road
40.6    Left -- Ridge Road
44.1    Right -- Taylor Road, CA 193
47.0    Left -- Rock Springs Road
   Leader Cell:  

Sundaze Sun, Feb 25, 9:30am

Where: Various (map)

Sunday rides are at least 40 miles in length, giving moderate level riders the chance to ride a little further than our average distance. You'll find some rides that are flattish and some that are killer hilly. The average pace of the Sunday rides varies hugely based on the distance and the amount of climb. The start location of this ride varies weekly, so check the calendar.

Tuesday Ride Tue, Feb 27, 9:30am

Where: Newcastle Park and Ride Newcastle, CA (map)

Tuesday rides are variable, depending on who leads and who shows up. Generally, the climbing is kept under 2000 feet (usually even less), and the distance is 18-25 miles. Often times, there are no regroups due to the short distances offered. This ride's start location currently starts at the Newcastle Park & Ride.

Coffee and conversation afterwards at Newcastle Produce

Wednesday Rides Wed, Feb 28, 9:30am

Where: Various (map)

Wednesday rides are the most aggressive rides of the week (26-40 miles) and are fairly hilly. Currently, this ride usually starts out of Meadow Vista Park in Meadow Vista. However, always check the calendar for a different start location.

Thursday Ride Thu, Feb 29, 9:30am

Where: Various (map)

Thursday rides are hilly, shorter, more casually paced rides (usually around 20 miles with approximately 1800 feet of climb). Ride is swept and everyone more or less stays fairly close together. There are also numerous regroups on this ride. Currently, this ride is out of Meadow Vista Park in Meadow Vista. The last Thursday of the month starts out at Railhead Park in Auburn.

The rides usually start at Meadow Vista Park.  However, check the calendar for occasional changes to the start location.

All Pace Friday Fri, Mar 1, 9:30am

Where: Various (map)

All pace ride.  Riders ride at their own pace or form groups riding a similar pace.  Often times, there are no regroups due to the short distances offered.  Approximately 25 miles. No sweep.  
Parking at the Flower Farm should not be in front of the Cafe but in the gravel parking lot toward the back.  
Coffee and conversation afterwards at the Flower Farm Cafe.

Enduro - Honey Run + Table Mtn from Oroville Sat, Mar 2, 9:00am

Where: Oroville Thermalito Forebay North Picnic Area (map)

Leader Name: Kathy Welch
E-mail: ultrakathy@sbcglobal.net

RWGPS: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/1815545
67.4 miles, 3949 ft. of climbing
Route Weather Conditions
Click Here to print route sheet

Ride Description and Notes:
Starting at Oroville Thermallito Forebay Picnic Area (fee or Poppy Pass), we'll ride flat to Chico (rest area), climb Honey Run (new pavement!), rest stop in Paradise, descend to Lake Oroville (rest stop), then climb the back side of Table Mtn (the EASY side!). An optional potluck picnic will follow the ride.

Please carpool. Poppy passes are transferable. 

Route Cue Sheet ---------------------------------------------
Honey Run + Table Mtn from Oroville -- 67.4 miles
0.0      Cont straight -- Garden Dr
0.5      Left -- Table Mountain Blvd
5.3      Right -- Coal Canyon Rd
8.5      Left to stay on Coal Canyon Rd
8.5      Cont -- Wheelock Rd
10.5    Left -- Durham-Pentz Rd
17.6    Cont -- Durham-Dayton Hwy
18.2    Right -- Oroville-Chico Hwy
23.0    Right -- Chico-Durham Bike Path
25.4    Right toward E Park Ave
25.4    Right -- E Park Ave
25.9    Cont -- Skyway Rd
26.4    Left -- Notre Dame Blvd
26.4    Right towards Starbucks REST STOP
26.5    Right -- Notre Dame Blvd
27.3    Right -- E 20th St
28.3    Right -- bike trail
29.2    Left to stay on trail
29.4    Cont -- Honey Run Rd
39.2    Right -- Skyway
39.2    Left -- Birch St
39.5    Right -- Black Olive Dr
39.5    REST STOP at park
39.5    Left -- Pearson Rd
42.7    Right -- Pentz Rd
47.5    Left -- Lime Saddle Rd
48.0    Cont -- Nelson Bar Boat Ramp Rd
49.1    REST STOP at campground (water/bathrooms)
49.9    Left -- Nelson Bar Boat Ramp Rd
50.1    Cont -- Lime Saddle Rd
50.6    Left -- Pentz Rd
53.1    Left -- CA-70 E
53.6    Right -- Cherokee Rd
65.7    Right -- Table Mountain Blvd
66.9    Left -- Garden Dr
67.4    Cont into parking lot at Thermalito Forebay
   Leader Cell:  

Tips for a Successful Enduro
1. Study the route.  Have it either on your cycling computer, a printed version or both.  You are responsible for navigating yourself around the course.

2. Evaluate whether you are in proper physical and mental shape for a challenging ride.  Determine whether the weather suits you, the length of the ride, the amount of climbing, etc. 
3. Buddy up.  Not only will you have more fun, but should anything occur, it will be safer.

4. Make sure you sign in at the start of the ride.

5. Important: Write down your emergency contact on the sign-in sheet.

6. Sign out after your ride.  The ride leader will stay at the ride finish until everyone is accounted for.  Be courteous of their time.

7. While the ride leader has done everything in their power to make your ride successful, you are responsible for your success or your failure.  The ride leader cannot control the weather, whether or not there is cell service if you get lost or ill, or if you have misjudged your ability to complete the ride.

8. If you have any questions prior to the ride that could help you make a more informed decision about the ride, contact the ride leader.

9. Be prepared with your own water and food.

10. Be sure your bicycle is well-maintained for this ride.   

11.Plan on no/few amenities 

Saturday Spintacular Sat, Mar 2, 9:30am

Where: Various (map)

The Saturday ride meets at the Flower Farm, unless there is an event at the event center in which case we start in Loomis at the Train Station. 

There is an A group and a B group. The groups can spread out then you can ride your own pace...usually two or three groups with pairs scattered about and some single riders too. 

The ride ranges between 25-30 mi with 1k-1500k ft of climbing 

**Parking: Remember to park in the back gravel lots at the Flower Farm; not the spots along the entryway.

Sundaze Sun, Mar 3, 9:30am

Where: Various (map)

Sunday rides are at least 40 miles in length, giving moderate level riders the chance to ride a little further than our average distance. You'll find some rides that are flattish and some that are killer hilly. The average pace of the Sunday rides varies hugely based on the distance and the amount of climb. The start location of this ride varies weekly, so check the calendar.

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The SFCC does more than just ride around the foothills...we work to improve the riding safety and convenience for all riders in the area. Members of our club have formed a safety and advocacy team working with Placer County to improve the cycling infrastructure and ensure future development includes bicycle friendly features. Read more about our team's current projects and accomplishments and if you are interested in sharing your vision for a fun and safe cycling community.

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Jom Rogers
When: Saturday, February 24th @ 9:30am
Where: Loomis Basin Park (map)

What: Embark on a cookie-filled adventure with not one, but TWO routes to choose from! And fear not, the journey doesn't end there—reward yourself with a sweet victory lap of cookies and coffee afterward.

Calling all cookie wizards! Unleash your baking magic and compete for the legendary Best in Show Cookie title. Rumor has it, the winner gets prizes so amazing, even unicorns are jealous. Let's turn this event into a sugar-fueled extravaganza that'll leave everyone on a sugar high!

Routes: Chocolate Chip Cookie    Shortbread Cookie

Questions? Please contact Pamela Connor at rides@sfcyclists.org

Click here to RSVP


Victory lap: Auburn cycling club honors local bike shop for longtime support

Check out the article in the Auburn Journal about the presentation of SFCC's original jersey to be hung at Victory Velo Bike Shop.

Also, watch several YouTube videos on the event here:
Victory Velo Jersey Presentation 1
Victory Velo Jersey Presentation 2

Where: Windsor, CA (East of Guerneville & North of Santa Rosa)

What: Three days of riding in the Russian river area to the ocean
Routes: TBD... Similar to our Enduro rides

Click here for camp details


Where: Movin' West RV Park (530-836-2614) (park map)

What: Four days of riding in Plumas and Sierra counties.
Routes: Yuba Pass & Gold Lakes Loop, A15 & Lake Davis Loop, and Frenchman Lake. Day #4 TBD.

Click here for camp details

Summer Camp 24

: Petaluma, CA
When: Thurs., July 11 through Sun., July 14

What: Four riding days and two rides per day, with different ride distances. For our working members, there will be 2 full days of riding on Saturday and Sunday. Some of the routes will be different than last year's routes. We’ll go out to the coast and some rides will have a different start location to give us more variety. 

Post-Ride Fun: There are 2 Happy Hour Socials and 1 group dinner that will take place Thursday - Saturday nights. 

We are encouraging everyone to make reservations for Summer Camp 2024.

Click here for reservations and details